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  1. I've done all of the above. That annoyance always shows up between 10:30 and 11:30 p.m. EST. I'll let you know in a day or two how it worked out. Thanks so much for your help and patience.
  2. Thanks Berny. Another friend suggested checking Start up and extensions. I see nothing that I have not put there and hasn't been there for years. I will do the AdwCleaner now.
  3. Thanks so much for this. Most of that is done. But I can't figure out how to attach it since the file type is .txt which is not accepted. Save as a different file type or use one of the other media choices, neither of which I have any idea of how to work with.
  4. Hi Berny: The key word in my question was "purports". It tries to look like a FB pop-up, which I don't believe they even have, but it's not. If you run afoul of FB you get taken to a special site where they explain the error of your ways.
  5. Hi: I have this annoying pop-up on FB that purports to be from FB itself, telling me that I am"restricted" for so many hours because I posted non-regulation whatever. One strange thing about the pop-up is it seems to start a countdown at some point, ie the number of hours you will be 'restricted start at 24 and decrease hourly. A very good friend just died yesterday while on vacation with his wife and kids, so there's a lot going on that I have to keep track of and this is making me pull my hair out. It doesn't actually stop me from doing anything, it just pops up every time I do anything, eg: like, post, whatever, it pops up and I have to clear it before I can do the next thing. Windows Pro Ed 10.0, 19045; Firefox 116.0.3 64 bit; Kaspersky Total 21.3.10, updates every day. I did run a full scan on top of the automatic quick scan that runs every day, but it picks up nothing. Any help or ideas to get rid of this appreciated. TIA
  6. Hi: Running Firefox on Win 10, and when I plug my Android phone in to try and run a scan as external drive, it doesn't show up. Is there a way to make this work, or another way to get my phone scanned?
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