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  1. Good day i purchased a 10 device license for Kaspersky Premium, is there a way to purchase an addon for more devices? Thanks from Craig
  2. Thanks very much I see that so my only option at work is to use my phone and manually type in passwords.
  3. Hi Flood yes I decided to purchase Kaspersky Premium, as before I had Internet security from Kaspersky and I was paying for a separate password manager(One Password) I thought maybe better and cheaper to have all in on Kaspersky but on the office pc that I use, I cannot install programs but I can install the Chrome Password Manager extension only but i don't know if it will work alone.
  4. Hi there I have just purchased a Kaspersky premium subscription. I would like to know if I can install the Chrome plugin for Password Manager only on my company Pc that I do not have permission to install any programs on?
  5. Ok I will will wait until my subscription is about to expire then I will apply for the new product cause I don’t see an option at a cheaper fee to upgrade my current kis to the product for the remaining time even just to test the new product features. I think that Kaspersky is trying to be the same as another antivirus that was first named Peter ****n enven though they have a much better product then that company.
  6. Thanks very much Flood for the helpfully links and for answering my post I have been using Kaspersky for many years great product hope it will continue to get better..
  7. Hi there I have two Licenses of Kaspersky Internet Security (4 Devices each license) I see now that all your product are changing, I would like to know what happens now, My licenses only expire in February 2023. Does the product stop working now or is it converted to something new? thanks in anticipation.
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