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  1. pUH keine Ahnung man, sorry Ich habe nur letztens grad einen Beitrag gelesen, als ich auch ähnliche Probleme hatte, aber keine Ahnung leider, sorry :( Liebe Grüße
  2. Hi Snacko, I hope your problem could be solved. To be honest I’ve never seen this before. Maybe after a reinstallation would be one of the last but not least solutions I would try. Kindest regards, Maggie
  3. Hi Hattie, Well, that’s interesting! Might that be the so-called soul of electronic devices that you experienced? I am convinced, if you try to log in several times and continue with the exact same steps it will work. I cannot explain why and how. It is what it is. Some kind of soul that “wants” to act according to your codes. Hope code 404 won’t come back but now at least you know what to do.
  4. Hello LordHearts, You should specify your state a little bit. I might be able to help if you give some details. How many devices are still usable? What is happening to the others (too slow or dysfunctional)? Do you see an error code?
  5. Hi, Ich suche nach einem sicheren Schutz für meine zwei Laptops. Bisher habe ich einfach AVIRA benutzt, würde mittlerweile jedoch auch für ausreichenden Schutz ewas zahlen. Mir ist die Datensicherheit mittlerweile doch wichtig genug, um da nicht zu sparen. Was genau macht jetzt den Unterschied von Kaspersky zu einem gratis Anti-Virus-Programm das ich mir einfach runterladen kann? Danke schon mal im Voraus :)
  6. Hello @Berny, I have quite the same problem. After de-installing it from the old computer, can I just re-install the same on another one? I am worried that I’d need to buy a completely new one after deleting it. Thank you for your help in advance.
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