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  1. Yes, but what you are describing does not relate to version The options under Settings - Security are: Essential protection (File AV, Safe Browsing, Mail AV, AMSI Protection, Network Attack Blocker,Firewall) and Advanced protection (System Watcher, Intrusion Prevention, Data provision agreement) and Advanced settings (Network settings, Reports and Quarantine, Threats and exclusions). I have been through each of these settings several times and there is no reference to either hardware virtualisation or on screen keyboard - or for that matter 'Secure Data Input'. The list of Privacy Settings (Kaspersky VPN, Data Leak Checker, Private Browsing, Devices on My Network, Password Manager, Safe Money, Webcam Protection, Stalkerware Detection, Ad-free digital life). Again, having gone though these settings there are no references to either option in the program. So either the UI has been launched in an incomplete state, or something on my desktop is interfering with it - which is a cause for concern in a security app! I hope someone with the current release can provide a solution.
  2. I'm also having difficulties finding out how to activate hardware virtualisation in the new UI for Kaspersky Plus. There is no Secure Data Input option nor is it in the setttings for Safe Money as it used to be way back. Nor can I find settings for the On Screen Keyboard - which I searched for in the hope they might be together. Google search just turns up instructions from previous versions Argh!
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