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  1. Hi Flood, I did it twice just in case but the fix doesn’t work, at the first restart it’s going back to “Install security extension for Chrome’. I’ve noticed one thing if I look in Chrome web store for the Kaspersky extension, I can’t find it. 😶
  2. 👍 automatic after KIS was installed, but it’s there I checked Chrome extension and it’s installed
  3. Hello, yes the extension for Safari is installed and in KIS Preferences>browsers it’s showing as enabled 👍
  4. Hello, I have KIS for Mac, macOS Monterey 12.2.1. I have installed Kaspersky Chrome extension but in the KIS recommendations and in Preferences>browsers, it’s still logged as extension not installed. What did go wrong? Any suggestion? Thanks
  5. Hello, thanks for the hint but I’m not using Kaspersky VPN anymore, I was a premium user and they didn’t work for me, it’s not up to me making them work I guess.
  6. In my KIS for Mac in Preferences>Protection the option Safe money is checked but greyed out even when the lock is open. In Safari clicking on the top icon, safe money is enabled and can be disabled from there. When I surf on bank pages I have 0 messages from Kaspersky compared to the Windows version. Is this ok? Any suggestions? Thank youuuu😜
  7. Hello, is Kaspersky internet security for mac protecting against silver sparrow malware? Anyone knows more about this? https://www.macworld.com/article/3608621/30k-macs-are-infected-with-silver-sparrow-virus-and-no-one-knows-why.html
  8. Hi thanks for your replay,yes it does fix it because unfortunately despite being a long time customer I will only use my KIS and forget Kaspersky VPN, considering I only need Italy, and I will keep using Touch VPN in chrome. Yes I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it. In the PC is one d/l coming together with KIS and ion MAC is a separated app
  9. It’s useless they ask for log files. I’m not bothered, because the VPN Italy is not working on 2 different PC and a MAC while the simple touch VPN extension for Chrome works perfectly. So let’s say it’s their server that doesn’t work
  10. I tried with two different computers, Mac and pc, and different browsers like Chrome and Safari, if in Raiplay try to stream a film for example it’s not working. Of course with a different vpn provider I had before trying Kaspersky (Touch VPN) it was working
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