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  1. Hello everyone Yesterday kaspersky detected a threat in my pc. Threat was detected by heuristic analysis. HEUR:Worm.Win32.Generic then I went to reports to see how kaspersky detected the virus. But I saw Threat level high Precision heuristic analysis Reason machine learning I was unable to mean this. This also raised a question on my mind : which technology really detected the malware. Please let me know which technology was used to detect the malware
  2. No problem. If you want to use kaspersky, you can download and install it via vpn.
  3. I'm is waiting for kaspersky 2022 for a long time. But there's no update. When will kaspersky security cloud free 2022 available?
  4. I currently installed kaspersky security cloud free. But it doesn't detect anything on my pc. My pc has symptoms of malware. But when I ran a full scan with kaspersky it's say everything is safe. What do I do?
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