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  1. Hello I am having trouble to decide which one is better for my pc. I find kaspersky free inferior to kaspersky security cloud free in many ways. Kaspersky removed many useful features such as file shredder from it's new version. It's also a bit heavier on resource. But only improvement is that it has a vulnerability scan that it's predecessor lacks. Plus I have seen many YT channels who conducts av test ( computer solutions,eclypsee etc) rated kaspersky free poor and kaspersky free performed poorly in their tests. Where previous KSC free performed notably better. What do you think which one is better?
  2. Hello Flood? here is the pictures you wanted. the reason of my confusion is that in reason menu kaspersky said it was Machine learning. But as you can see that kaspersky used heur prefix in threat name, I thought it was detected by heuristic. I also wrote a topic about it a month before. But they said it was detected by heur and cloud. But Flood can you explain me this report please. THANK YOU Cifed
  3. Hello Flood Thank you for your reply. But I am busy with my office work. So I can't upload anything for this week . Sorry man. But what if I upload those pictures in next week ? Let me know. Thank you Cifed
  4. Probably system is infected with malwares. Please run scans by 3rd party anti malware. And please system specs
  5. Hello everyone. Actually I am having confusion about kaspersky free's protection features. In file antivirus setting window or in scan settings window(any type of scan) I see a option named 'machine learning and signature ' and it is grayed out and it is not giving me to enable disable this option. Now I am thinking that kaspersky free doesn’t use ML. looks like it only use heuristic. And another key reason for my confusion is kaspersky report. In last month dozens of zero days were detected by Kaspersky but I haven't found anything in report saying machine learning detected this threat. But says reason is machine learning. anyway please let me know if it uses machine learning and it would be more better if you guys give a instance.
  6. Hello everyone Yesterday kaspersky detected a threat in my pc. Threat was detected by heuristic analysis. HEUR:Worm.Win32.Generic then I went to reports to see how kaspersky detected the virus. But I saw Threat level high Precision heuristic analysis Reason machine learning I was unable to mean this. This also raised a question on my mind : which technology really detected the malware. Please let me know which technology was used to detect the malware
  7. No problem. If you want to use kaspersky, you can download and install it via vpn.
  8. I'm is waiting for kaspersky 2022 for a long time. But there's no update. When will kaspersky security cloud free 2022 available?
  9. I currently installed kaspersky security cloud free. But it doesn't detect anything on my pc. My pc has symptoms of malware. But when I ran a full scan with kaspersky it's say everything is safe. What do I do?
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