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  1. @andrew75 @flood Mysteriously, the symptoms have gone away, which makes it impossible to find out what has been happening, but they went away at different times on different PCs, which make me wonder whether they are related to updates of KIS at different times on different machines. The specifics are: On PC-C (my machine) the blocks came from startup today (1/7) at 9:11 about every 2 mins (but not consistently so) until I turned off Network Attack Blocker at 13:15. The last NAB event was 13:07 and there are no events of any type between the two. I put in @andrew75’s suggested rule and restarted NAB at 15:47, since when there have been no block events. Given the experience on the other two machines, that may have been a coincidence. On PC-A, the first block was at 10:06, probably when the PC was switched on, recommenced at 11:06 (presumably the 60 min grace period in KIS’s standard settings) and continued every 2 mins until 13:05. No apparent reason for the change at 13:05. On PC-J, the blocks started at 20:46 on 30/6 and continued until 20:53. None since. I will pass these notes to Kaspersky Support, who have responded to my report of a False Positive, but there does not seem to be any point in putting in any more work on the issue unless the symptoms reappear. Many thanks both of you for your help.
  2. @andrew75 Thanks. I’ll try it ans see what happens!
  3. @asndrew75 Despite the fact I am not running a server? This is a home network.
  4. @FLOOD Yes - my first thoughts were “What’s changed” and I can’t think of anything. On your specific questions: 1 No obvious reason 2 No, unless KIS automatic updating changed something. 3 No 4 Not since the printer was installed on 27/6 5 No
  5. @Andrew75 Thanks - I’ll go through this article, but re your previous suggestion, did you mean to Block or Allow the packets in your packet rule?
  6. @Benny Sorry for my inconsistent replies - I have been jumping around on topics this morning. I certainly agree it must be a false positive, because I cannot see that my own printer would be sending anything malicious to a PC on my own network, which it has every reason to be communicating with. (I have also reported the FP to Support as you suggested). @Andrew75’s suggestion on a rule to let the traffic through looks a good approach, but I am still a little confused as to why his suggestion is set to block the traffic, not allow it.
  7. @Benny forgive my ignorance, but what is an FP?
  8. @andrew75 Thanks, but should the rule say Block or Allow? Given it is my printer that is sending the packet, and the printer control app is on my PC, I would have thought I should allow the packets?
  9. @FLOOD the report is attached. FYI - the printer was installed on 27/6/20 but the network attack warnings only started on 30/6. Same symptoms on all 3 PCs on my network using Kspersky Internet Security.
  10. @FLOOD - yes thanks. I found it just before your post!
  11. The network is Trusted, and I can print to the printer and access other devices on the network. However, the only IP address shown on the Network Properties window is the IP address of my PC, and I can’t see how to expand it to cover the full IP range - if indeed I need to.
  12. I have just installed a new printer (HP Officejet 9010) and Kaspersky Internet Security is blocking a network attack from the printer. The printer is on my local network and so I kn ow it is OK. How do I set an exclusion to the Network Attack blocker? I can see instructions for a Mac but not for Windows. I am using version I have a screen shot, but I can’t see where I can post it on this forum.
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