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  1. Why the program that I have to run to gatter all the logs from the app doent upload those already? Its too much work on my side. You can always open a free account in Atlassian and try it with your web antivirus active.
  2. I had to uninstall Kaspersky and install another antivirus. I really need to use Confluence and Jira. The amount of work need to reply to the suport ticket is too much. I had 240mb of logs, the WebDav upload dont work. I just need to do my work…
  3. Installed, I am evaluating the software I am on the day 2. After installed the update, my trials days when up by 2. It have to be 29 days. The Atlassian issue: Working on Firefox. On Safari Still have issues:
  4. From the app: From https://latam.kaspersky.com/downloads I only have the option to download the 5mb web installer. Do you have a link that I can use? Also searching for that version on the site I got:
  5. I cant work with the Web Antivirus active in Concluence or Jira. Firefox and Safari get frozen. Firefox 87.0 (64-bit) Safari 14.0.3 (16610. MacOs 11.2.3 (20D91)
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