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  1. Hello ChewbaccaBG, Have you tried entering the License code in your MyK account ?https://my.kaspersky.com/That may help, if it doesn't it will be something else to let Support know. The license is already there, "2 available, 1 in use, 1 free"
  2. And as usual their reply will be "provide traces". What a quality support ...
  3. And yes, I already contacted kaspersky support, expecting a reply sometime next week.
  4. Did you bother to read the part where it DOES NOT ASK ME FOR KASPERSKY CREDNTIALS? Uninstall -> Install -> Start -----> Asks me for MASTER PASSWORD I enter the MASTER PASSWORD, I see all my saved passwords, and it's FREE VERSION, NOT USING MY LICENSE AT ALL. Any other ideas?
  5. I know how to install an application on MAC. It gets installed, I type my master password (it does not ask me for kaspersky account, probably because it remembers them from previous install of the app). I see my passwords, and I see "update to premium" in the bottom right corner. So, tell me how to enter my license?
  6. I have subscription for 2 devices for KPM, Windows version is ~ok, BUT, when I install it on Mac I GET ONLY THE FREE VERSION, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE 2 LICENSES!!! THERE IS NO WAY TO OPEN PREFERENCES OR ENTER MY LICENSE CODE. WHAT ................................ ? I UNINSTALLED AND REINSTALLED IT - SAME .............................................. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT : Moderation has removed inappropriate content and Tag in this Post --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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