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  1. That was more of an issue with Android 12 not being fully supported at the time I did testing. The latest version of Android is 14. To be honest, the results I'm getting don't inspire confidence in the product although I am a fan of Kaspersky's laptop software.
  2. I had something strange happen after I reported this. Similar to your finding, eicar was not detected by Kaspersky on the browser and was downloaded and placed on the phone. 30 minutes to an hour later Kaspersky did what appears to be a scheduled scan of my phone AND eicar was picked up and deleted by the scan. The method Kaspersky is handling eicar is inconsistant. Why ?
  3. Hello, I installed Kaspersky Plus on my mobile phone. I decided to test using the eicar test file to see if I would get a warning. One of the supported browsers (Chrome) is installed and set as default. Going to the test page with Chrome, I tested and...... nothing... no warning ... nothing. The eicar test file was downloaded in all cases. I'm sure everything is set properly. Can anyone else confirm ? ,
  4. Thanks Flood and wife for the response. Windows Hello is more of an access to physical laptop/desktop thing which doesn't address the scenario that I mentioned. I understood KPM has their contents encrypted with strong AES encryption (using the password as a key), however, what will happen in the scenario I mentioned above and a threat actor/hacker trys to brute force the password to the vault once he/she gets it ? I can't see an 8-9 char/digit password providing much defense to a brute force password attack. Have I missed something ? Security key signon to PM would be much much stronger.
  5. I've noticed I've had to constantly supply a password to open PM and I also am pretty sure that the password vault in stored on my computer. Figuring that malware can get on my computer and specifically try to export the PM vault, I began to wonder how secure my passwords were from hackers ? Understanding that security tokens can now be used for passwordless logins, can't something like that be incorporated with logging into PM ?
  6. Is the the upgrade from KTS to Kaspersky Plus still free ? I went to do the upgrade and notice this I went to MYKaspersky and to the downloads section but noticed it was going to upgrade to Standard ! Please explain or is this just a glitch ?
  7. Thanks Flood and wife. Perhaps Kaspersky could develop a 'tool' that could be run that could check integrity. I can't see it as being something too difficult to develop.
  8. I think this is available on some of the more expensive products of Kaspersky although I maybe wrong. Is there a way to ensure the integrity of the Kaspersky Total Security applicaiton ? More specifically, if a hacker managed to infiltrate KTS on your machine with a virus or what ever means they choose. Alot of other apps (ie Adobe) have been targetted in the past by viruses. Security suites can also be targetted. Does Kaspersky have something that could be run to ensure the integrity of KTS ?
  9. Problem resurfaced 😞 What a shame. It was working flawlessly for years. What seems to be triggering the problem is when the browser gets activated into Safe Run. After that, things get messed up again. I may 1) reinstall the browser and see if it fixes the problem. 2) Convert to Kaspersky Plus to see if that fixes the issue, however, I don't have much hope that it will seeing that Kaspersky Plus seems to be mostly KTS under the hood with a new GUI.
  10. I followed Flood's instructions and reinstalled KTS. Note that I only had to reinstall KTS as PM installed along with it. At first, it seemed to be working flawlessly, however, it did hiccup once meaning the extensions weren't present when Safe Run was activated. I shut the browser down and went into PM settings (Browsers) and I saw the 'Install Extension' status again beside MS Edge. Other than that, its been pretty stable for 1 day. Thinking that it could be an Edge problem, I deleted one of the Profiles in Edge. I only have 1 profile now. I'll see if this fix solves the problem.
  11. Thanks Flood and Wife. A little more info. I noticed this does not happen with Chrome. Edge is the affected browser. I also remember that there was an Edge update just prior to this occuring coincidentally. The version updated to is now Version 118.0.2088.46. I wonder if the Edge update affected something. ps. Thanks for the 'Pin' clarification. The 'pin' is now an 'eye'
  12. Both extensions seems to be being removed randomly. This happend all of a sudden with no warning. I haven't changed anything. I keep having to add them both frequently. BTW, there is no 'Pin' option to have them visable in Edge.
  13. Removed Inprivate shortcut and created another one. Problem resolved. Perhaps this hack isn't the greatest to use. I do not recommend it.
  14. I've made some progress with this. I created a shortcut a long time ago on the desktop and always used it to open Edge inprivate mode. PM always worked properly when opening Edge using this shortcut. What I did is open Edge in 'regular' mode using the main icon and then activated Inprivate mode (ctl-shift-N). PM works when I get into Inprivate mode using (ctl-shift-N), but not when I use the shortcut icon ! This is a strange one... it was working flawlessly before ? Microsoft EdgeVersion 115.0.1901.183 (Official build) KPM - / 1688994990_7396 /
  15. I did some digging and found out that this coinsides with an Edge update. Wonder if that could be the cause. So far have tried the above solution as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the extension in Edge. Problem is still there when using InPrivate mode.
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