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  1. Removed Inprivate shortcut and created another one. Problem resolved. Perhaps this hack isn't the greatest to use. I do not recommend it.
  2. I've made some progress with this. I created a shortcut a long time ago on the desktop and always used it to open Edge inprivate mode. PM always worked properly when opening Edge using this shortcut. What I did is open Edge in 'regular' mode using the main icon and then activated Inprivate mode (ctl-shift-N). PM works when I get into Inprivate mode using (ctl-shift-N), but not when I use the shortcut icon ! This is a strange one... it was working flawlessly before 🤨 Microsoft EdgeVersion 115.0.1901.183 (Official build) KPM - / 1688994990_7396 /
  3. I did some digging and found out that this coinsides with an Edge update. Wonder if that could be the cause. So far have tried the above solution as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the extension in Edge. Problem is still there when using InPrivate mode.
  4. I tried this to see if the field was somehow corrupted. It didn't fix the problem unfortunately. Specifically, the screenshot shows what the problem is. The 'Go to website' button doesn't cause Edge to go to the website. If I go there by manually typing in the website up top, it will autofill the credentials. This problem ONLY exists in Private mode.
  5. I find this to be a strange one. PM is no longer working in Edge Private mode. It works with the Edge browser in regular mode. Specifically, I have selected some favorites of the many passwords I have. When selecting one from Favorites, the Edge browser does not autofill the top www line to go to the website so it can be autofilled. This is working in Chrome in both modes and Edge in regular mode. I have noticed this problem beginning today. Anyone else ? Any solutions ?
  6. Thanks Flood and wife. I got around to doing some testing. It looks like if you install the mobile security app within 'Secure Folder', only the contents within 'Secure Folder' are scanned irregardless of how you install the the mobile security app within it. The reverse applies if you install the mobile security app outside of 'Secure Folder'. In otherwords, only the contents outside of 'Secure Folder' are scanned and protected. I highly doubt any other mobile security app currently available can get around this limitation.
  7. I have an Android phone that has 'Secure Folder' enabled. Where do I install Kaspersky Mobile Security to have the entire phone scanned ? Within Secure Folder ? or outside of Secure Folder ? I couldn't find a KMS forum to post this in.
  8. Hello Flood & wife 2) For reference it was Edge. 3) Latest version being used. Disappointing that it hasn't been fixed and, yes, I do search the forms before posting for many years. Back to work ! ........
  9. I noticed this a while ago but didn't make much of it. WebAntivirus is impacting how the News results are displayed when doing a search. Attached are 2 screenshot of how the news results show when WebAV is Off and On. Does anyone know why this is happening ?
  10. Contacted Chat support. It appears the issue is the OS I’m currently running Android 12 which doesn’t appear to be fully supported yet. Is there a beta being tested that I could install on Android 12 ? I hate the fact that you really can’t tell what works/doesn’t work with the current official version.
  11. Its the Premium version. Real Time Protection and Internet Protection are active and it shows that the browser being used is being protected. This lack of detecting the test file is really concerning !
  12. Hello, I looked for a forum specific to mobile av but couldn’t find any so I posted here. Why is it that Kaspersky mobile antivirus doesn’t flag the Eicar test file on their mobile app? Does anyone know if there is an offical test file that could be used with Kaspersky mobile av.
  13. Using password manager requires you to input the master password to open PM. How about adding the functionality of signing into password manager with a physical security key? No need to remember the master password and much more secure. Thoughts ?
  14. When logging into Kaspersky Password manager on any of its products, an idea that came to mind is to use a physical security key instead of using a master password. Thoughts ?
  15. Got the problem figured out ☺ Being a longtime user of Windows 7, you would think that when you shutdown, it is a ‘true’ full shutdown in Windows 10 as well. That is not the case. It seems the default when you shutdown in Windows 10 is something other than a full shutdown. I have adjusted the power setting and eliminated the problem in Windows 10 so a true full shutdown occurs.
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