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  1. Hi! I have noticed the app can't update itself anymore. The app used to auto-update before a certain version which I think broke it. I don't know when exactly the function disappeared though. The problem is that the app does not have the "update" function anymore. It used to be under "Advanced". There was also some settings somewhere but I can't find them anymore. My KPM for Windows version is / 1667763902_7297 / 1.0.523.0-, installed manually today. Am I the only one with this issue? I also have Kaspersky Security Cloud installed -- but I don't think this app can update KPM. Please take a look on the attachment the differences between two versions I have installed on different PCs. The "white" build is pretty old (version (p) / 1621871575_6872 / 1.0.363.0-, while the "black" build is the new one. Notice how "Controlla aggiornamenti" (Check for Updates) is missing. Also, on the "Advanced" settings, the option to automatically check for updates is missing (second pictures, "Aggiornamento" -- "Update"). Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Thank you, I hope I’ve done everything right! The incident number is INC000013300762.
  3. Hi! Since a few weeks ago, I have removed several devices from my network. I have delisted them from my Router, and then I’ve cleaned up the list on Kaspersky Security Cloud. The problem is, after the removal I receive a pop-up saying that a certain number of devices are now connected to the network, which is not true at all. All the removed devices keeps returning into the list periodically, which is quite annoying. I have also tried to told Kaspersky to forget all my networks, without success. What can I do?
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