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  1. I tested latest versions of both Kaspersky Security Cloud Free (KSC) and the new 2022 Kaspersky Free (KF) with Internet Download Manager (IDM). I found that with the tests available at https://www.amtso.org/security-features-check/, KSC blocks IDM from downloading ALL the test malware esp. the various compressed malware. But KF only blocks IDM from downloading some malware but allows some others. I think it is because KSC scans in the cloud but KF relies on definitions. I hope Kaspersky developers can test KF with the said tests because they claimed that KF can block malware from downloading in the first place. Also, KSC comes with free VPN although very little of 300MB per day and no KillSwitch.
  2. I figured out the solution. Pause KSC and then resume. Restart browser. KSC blocks the phishing site again. BTW, does this Forum have any Kaspersky technician to answer questions or concerns? If not, does Kaspersky monitor the problems brought up here?
  3. Yes, I tried with rebooting and after rebooting. Anyway, thanks to all for helping. The software has many problems although Kaspersky virus definitions are supposed to be the best. So I uninstalled it and am now using another AV program without these problems.
  4. I don't want to save a new cfg because I have many Trusted URLs and Exceptions. As I said, other antivirus programs make it easy to reset any settings. I uninstalled KSC Free because of this and its inability to be compatible with Brave browser which I use.
  5. There should be an easier way to reset the Web Shield warning like auto-reset on browser restart or putting the URL into Trusted Addresses list so that we can delete it to reset. Why make things complicated for users?
  6. Thank you. It worked but then my Settings were all gone. After importing my old settings, Kaspersky changed again to allow access to the site. Never mind, as it is a test phishing site, I will leave it as it is.
  7. I am using Kaspersky Security Cloud Free in Windows 10. I tested its Web Shield by going to a test phishing site. When Kaspersky's popup warning appeared, I clicked 'I understand the risks' to allow access. However, now it allows access every time. How do I reset the warning?
  8. Any antivirus program will slow down programs due to its realtime scanning. Which is why Kaspersky has a Trusted Applications section. I want to exclude video editing software and defrag software so that it won't slow them down. Esp. when I'm creating a backup image of Windows in case my computer can't start up. Some even disable for gaming software. I read elsewhere to check all the boxes so that answers my question.
  9. I read that Help file before. But it is too technical. Can you give me recommendations on which box to check? All of them? Some of them?
  10. I am using Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. I have a question about Trusted Applications in Settings. All I want is for KSC not to interfere with some applications, not to scan files which they open and not to scan the program files every time I open them. I am not sure what some of the boxes mean. The Kaspersky online Help doesn't explain in detail to the average user what they mean, Can anyone recommend which boxes to check?
  11. You said “KL doesn’t recommend user import old build config backup file.” This explains the problem with Exclusions I had. There should be a reminder to backup again after a program update as no one seems to know there is such a problem. Now that Exclusions problem is solved, I am reverting to KSC Free because it is the lightest AV program I know. I read it is even lighter than Windows Defender. As for Brave browser, changing ‘Brave.exe’ to ‘chrome.exe’ makes KSC and Kaspersky Protection extension work on it. Thanks to all who replied to me here giving me such valuable info. TQ.
  12. Hi Wesly.Zhang, I think I figured out what’s wrong. I did a clean reinstall of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free and excluded a folder. To my surprise, it now worked as you said. I then imported my saved settings and Exclusions still work. I then did a second clean reinstall of KSC Free after I uninstalled it. This time I imported my saved settings before I excluded a folder. Now Exclusions don't work. I think I need to export my settings every time there is a new upgrade as saved settings may not work on a newer version. While using another AV, I like that it supports Brave browser which KSCF does not. I had to rename ‘Brave.exe’ to ‘Chrome.exe’ and then KSCF works fine on Brave. Why can't Kaspersky work on other browsers by just recognizing Brave.exe, Vivaldi.exe, etc?
  13. This is strange. I used same settings as you and used the eicar virus too. Except perhaps my Excluded folder is in an external hard disk. On another matter, as I don’t have the Paid version, can you please tell me whether Kaspersky Firewall is better than Windows 10 Firewall? If so, why?
  14. HI Wesly.Zhang, I reinstalled Kaspersky Security Cloud Free (version and tried your 3 points. When scanning just the excluded folder, it still detected the malware inside it. If I open the malware inside the excluded folder, KSC quarantined it. So Exclusions in this version doesn't work. Earlier versions did work. I have uninstalled KSC and installed another antivirus program with built-in firewall.
  15. Thank you for explaining the 3 points above. Why does Kaspersky make it so complicated? The average user doesn't know all these rules and wants things to be straightforward. Please clarify: By ‘forced scanning’, I assume you mean Explorer Scan. If the 3 points are done as you said, what about Full Scan or Quick Scan? Will 1.exe still be detected?I had excluded entire program folders according to the 3 points. But my program still didn't work properly untii I uninstalled KSC. Perhaps the Trusted Applications section too didn't work or perhaps System Watcher kept on blocking my program. KSC Free doesn't allow us to control or exclude programs in System Watcher.I used KSC Free, and Kaspersky AV Free before that, since they first came out and they didn't interfere with my programs. It was only recently so I still think that something is wrong with latest version.
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