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  1. Hi! Well, if it doesn´t update automatically, you should be able to to do it manually. Just open Kaspersky by right-clicking on the little green icon in the lower right corner of the screen, which opens the KIS-App. Might also be in the systemtray, depending on your settings and then press "Database Update". That should do it! Greetings
  2. Same problem here. It started the 24th, problem is that I installed w11 during that time, too. So, I thought it was w11 related, went back to w10, returned to w11 again, but the problems with AI Suite 3 and Armoury Crate not detecting the motherboard remained, no matter what. I´ve been trying since then (the 24th) to solve things, uninstall, reinstall the Asus apps, searching the internet for solutions, so much time, the whole weekend wacked, til I found this thread... I´ve been a satisfied Kaspersky user since 2010 and have always bought a 5-pc activation, without any big issues...til now. Please solve this or I´ve to uninstall Kaspersky for the first time in more than 10 years! Regards
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