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  1. I have just asked support for help explaining that I can no longer break through the blockade. The answer was ‘KSC is not to let avoid legal block and Kaspersky respects law’. Just to let them know I mentioned that there is legal block of linkedin.com but the access to the resource itself is not illegal or forbidden. Anyhow that’s ok. I have no more issues. Thanks.
  2. Support responded that KSC is not for overcoming blocade. :(
  3. That’s in Russian I hope it is clear as the terms and structure coincide. Обмен пакетами с linkedin.com [] с 32 байтами данных: Ответ от число байт=32 время=130мс TTL=49 Ответ от число байт=32 время=131мс TTL=49 Ответ от число байт=32 время=130мс TTL=49 Ответ от число байт=32 время=130мс TTL=49 Статистика Ping для Пакетов: отправлено = 4, получено = 4, потеряно = 0 (0% потерь) Приблизительное время приема-передачи в мс: Минимальное = 130мсек, Максимальное = 131 мсек, Среднее = 130 мсек
  4. To let the VPN overcome blockade I set all the locations available untill it works. The issue is that it helped before but doesn’t work now at all. I set all locations one by one several times but I can’t load the Linkedin page. Still ping is available.
  5. Hi Yes I can ping. You can see the tracert result 1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms 2 3 ms 5 ms 15 ms 3 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms bras.beirel.ru [] 4 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms bras.beirel.ru [] 5 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms RTi-v204-h9-s1.msk.netorn.net [] 6 4 ms 3 ms 3 ms msk-m9-cr2.bvi1936.rascom.as20764.net [] 7 * * * Превышен интервал ожидания для запроса. 8 * * * Превышен интервал ожидания для запроса. 9 * * * Превышен интервал ожидания для запроса. 10 129 ms 127 ms 127 ms LINKEDIN-CO.ear3.Washington1.Level3.net [] 11 129 ms 148 ms 127 ms 108-174-15-164.fwd.linkedin.com [] 12 130 ms 130 ms 130 ms 13 131 ms 130 ms 130 ms 108-174-10-10.fwd.linkedin.com [] KSС is licensed I use it for a couple of years. It is only Linked in. The other blocked in Russia sites work OK via KSC.
  6. Hi Thanks for the advises. My OS is Windows 10 Home, version 1903, release 18362.418 KSС version (h) Uninstallation doesn’t help. The issue is that the problem appears in any browser, two computers and the Android smartphone. It looks like blocking all the IPs used by KSС. Earlier I changed th countries until the VPN works. It took more and more attempts and finally it doesn’t work.
  7. Hi communists! Linkedin.com is blocked in Russia and Kaspersky Secure Connection helped to overcome the blockade. Recently it works worse and worse and today I failed to reach the URL. The other simplest free VPNs help. Is there a way to let the top software work? Thanks to all!
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