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  1. Hello, I read in the KTS window that the PowerShell.exe application is a system file. It has a great deal of permissions. Why don't you do some reading in KTS? I have blocked the Network for this application for now. What else can I do with this application, as it is often used by hackers? I want to harden the S. O. of Windows 10. In another antivirus I was able to set an authoring rule in the window "Application behaviour control" and block this application. I am not sure if blocking PowerShell.exe will not lead Windows to destabilization. There are guides that you can disable PowerShell. exe via gpedit.msc, but what if I do that and mess up Windows. I don't have time for repairs (like restoring, etc., etc.). I need wise advice from people who have e.g. blocked this application in KTS (How do you do that?) or disabled it via gpedit.msc and everything is fine for at least 6 months. I need someone like that to come on this Forum and write me back. Don't get offended at me. Regards B.P.
  2. Hello, I finally understood that you prefer to highlight in yellow rather than write that I should click on the "Pinwheel" icon titled "Settings". I won't be able to get help with a video (even a slow one) because I don't speak English. I need you to write in English what in order I should click to check the KTS default settings and scan all visited websites. I could already change the default settings and forget. It seems to me that the User should not be able to change such important settings by himself. Allowing mindless clicking is in Microsoft style. I suppose Kaspersky is a better company. B.P. Moderator note : Advertising removed
  3. Hello, Emsisoft Anti-Malvare Home has this option since recently. Hackers try to crack the password of your PC and you don't know anything because you have KTS. Do you understand now? Regards B.P.
  4. The film is too short. You show individual frames too quickly. It lasts 16 seconds. It should be one minute long. Thank you. Greetings B. P.
  5. You did not write you and neither did He - clearly, unambiguously, emphatically, precisely, that you guarantee no errors in the "Event Viewer" and no critical errors in the "Reliability History" due to disabling PowerShell.exe via the gpedit.msc window, and no Microsoft application crashes due to this disabling. I greet B. P.
  6. Hello, I want to contact the Administrator of the Forum here, what should I do? Greetings B. P.
  7. Hello, In another security suite there is already such a function. I think that the lack of such a function in Kaspersky is a very big drawback / flaw / shortcoming / technological, constructional, engineering, programming backwardness, etc. Please support my postulate by the Kasperski Community. Regards P
  8. Hello, What is safer to click in the KTS window: "Add to Excluded", "Ignore", Ignore and Remember"? I checked with Russian "virustotal" (TIP) and original virustotal.com site https://javadl-esd-secure.oracle.com and the verdict was "Safe Site". KTS had a problem with scanning the encrypted connection. What is the difference between the consequence of choosing the command "Ignore" and the command "Ignore and remember". I'm surprised that KTS could have a problem with such a well-known website. I saw the "Java Update Avacilable" icon when KTS crashed, had a bug, failed. Greetings B. P. Translated with ….. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Moderator note : Advertising removed
  9. Hello, Can I use "TrafficLight" and KTS at the same time and not mess anything up? B. P.
  10. Hello, Thank you. Can you support the visit with a link to the website or a picture from KTS? Greetings B. P.
  11. Hello, As it is, it looks ugly. The suspicion arises that someone cares to know the encrypted content sent by Mozilla. If the traffic is secure and encrypted, why is KTS decrypting this traffic? Seems like a serious invasion of privacy by KTS not dictated by the security of the KTA User (Customer), Mozilla. Please promotion my postulate by Kasperski Community. I greet, P.
  12. Hello, What can I do to make "KTS" always scan every web page I want to open? B. P.
  13. Thank you. I have no time. Regards B. P. Ps. Maybe you will be kind enough to paste something important into the correspondence from your work?
  14. What do I gain by disabling PowerShell.exe? Correct answer: Security is increasing. You harden Windows. What do I gain by blocking outbound Internet traffic for this application? Correct answer: Privacy and security are increasing. You harden Windows. I understood that you guarantee no errors in "Event Viewer" and no fatal errors in "Reliability History" due to disabling PowerShell.exe via the gpedit.msc window, and any application from Microsoft does not bother / break / crash, right? Continue correspondence, please. I greet B. P.
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