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  1. @Berny are you intentionally ignoring that everyone in this thread has said we are not using Kaspersky VPN? The VPN I am using is Private Internet Access. The problem is Kaspersky Anti-Virus is stopping our VPN services, from companies other than your own, from working properly with the Split Tunnel feature.
  2. Like @MarcioT I am also using PIA as my vpn and split tunnel has stopped working for me since yesterday when I moved to Kaspersky Standard from my previous Kaspersky Internet Security (which allowed Split Tunnel to work). Can you please inform us on how we are meant to fix this problem. If you want me to generate a trace then please provide full instructions for Kaspersky Standard on how to do so as the trace menu I have differs to the screenshots you have sent, and also provide a Request number for me to use per the software request below
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