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  1. Just for future reference: I was talking about the add-ons for the browser.
  2. Anti-Banner was disabled for the website but Private Browsing was enabled. Disabling Private Browsing for that website fixed the issue right away. Thank you!
  3. For some reason I can no longer view some of my live Google Analytics reports as long as Kaspersky Plus is turned on. Only the live/realtime reports are getting blocked with this error message displayed "Internal error. Please try again later". No live data can be loaded at all. This only started happening recently, maybe ~2 weeks ago. Quitting Kaspersky Plus fixes the issue completely. What changed and what can I do to fix this?
  4. Wow, I just checked the prices on Amazon UK & US and the discount is incredible! Too bad I can't find the same sale in my country. Does anyone know if that sale is provided by Kaspersky or Amazon themselves?
  5. You may need to activate your new license on KTS app first before using it on Plus. I had this issue where I first used a new inactive KIS license on Standard and it refused activation, but then I went back to KIS and activated from there then tried it again on Standard and it finally accepted it.
  6. No, they don't. I've been around this community long enough and some of my questions (that only officials can answer) went unanswered. I also sometimes read public topics and I see a lot getting abandoned with no help. All I see is you who replies to most people, and you're doing a fine job. I hope Kaspersky pays you well for doing what their employees should be doing. Anyway, im not giving away my incident ID just so they can do a cheap move and force my free second device out of the license without fixing my main issue. Even their useless support marked my incident as "solved" without even solving it. So until they discover & fix this glitch themselves, I'll enjoy this free ride while it lasts. I deserve a reward after the pain I went through because of them. @Danila T. @Igor Kurzin
  7. Funny, I was actually able to use the same license that was stuck on my first phone (which is a 1-device license) on my second phone, and now it says 2 devices are connected to this license and both apps are working fully as premium. Should I demand Kaspersky a reward for discovering a costly glitch for them? I can't be the only one having this "issue". But for real, I don't care about being able to use this license on my second phone for free. What I actually want is to remove the license from my phone so I can use a different one. Kaspersky, get your act together. GOD. @Flood and Flood's wife Can you please tag some Kaspersky officials so they can see this glitch? I don't have time to waste on their useless technical support just so I can help them profit more out of fixing this issue. I have better things to do in my life.
  8. Hi, I have a Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, app version is I want to remove the license currently connected to the app so I can use a different license. If I sign in to My Kaspersky (through the app), all it does is just "sign in". It doesn't let me choose what license I want to use. The app is literally stuck connected to my previous license and there's no way I can unbind it (unless I uninstall the app completely). Even after 24 hours, it STILL says 0/1 devices using the license, yet my app is still using it. How is that even possible? Does this mean I will be able to use a 1-device license on 2 devices? This has to be a bug.
  9. It's been 24 hours and nothing has changed, app still stuck connected to that license. I knew waiting for a 24 hours wasn't the actual solution, what a useless technical support that is.
  10. The newly-designed Kaspersky Security for Android appears to be lacking a very simple feature, which is to give us the option to remove/change the license that the app is currently using. I disconnected my device from the license under My Kaspersky and the app itself is no longer connected to my account. The license now says "0 out of 1 device protected", which means it is currently not being used. Yet, the app is still stuck on using that very same license as you can see in the images below. Tried everything, like force stopping and restarting the phone but NOTHING made that license disappear from the app. I wanted to ask here in the first place because I knew technical support would be useless and that they would ask me to repeat the same things that I just did, but then decided to contact them first anyway (big mistake) in hope that they would explain the trick that im missing in one simple sentence and be done with this whole thing within 5 minutes. But as expected, after wasting 30 minutes chatting, I left with the same issue and no help. I do not want to uninstall the whole app and reinstall it again and lose all of my settings and reports etc, doing that just to achieve ONE SIMPLE THING as removing/changing the license is just plain ridiculous. They should fire the developer that "forgot" to give us the option to do that with a click of a button (just like it used to be before the latest update), instead of making us waste hours of our time. What I thought is that I may just need to wait for 24 hours or something until the app or their system reflects the change, but I don't feel comfortable leaving my phone in this sorry state and would like to get confirmation from the experts here if that'll actually be the magic trick, before I waste a day of my time waiting for nothing? Thanks
  11. The whole migration from the old to the new apps has been a disaster so far. - KTS was abandoned at first and it wasn't in their "plans" to make it upgradable to the new apps. - The new Basic hasn't been released with the other newer apps at the same time. - Now we are seeing that Basic is getting abandoned because they changed the post and now it is saying KAV will upgrade to Standard instead of Basic, which complicates things even further and it also makes KIS owners pay more money for the upgrade. How hard is it to accomplish things the right way? Why can't you guys just make it as simple as the following??? KAV = Basic KIS = Standard KTS = Plus + Release all the new apps together at the same time? The migration shouldn't take close to 2 years. You could've completed all of this within 1 month. All work and planning should've been done beforehand. You don't suddenly start migrating before getting everything planned and ready to go. This is what happens without planning things right, you get to change a lot of things on the go and it takes you 2 years to finish it.
  12. Hi, I see that the pinned topic has been updated in regards to Anti-Virus & Basic: It used to say: Anti-Virus = Basic Now, it changed to: Anti-Virus = Standard Which means the outcome for KAV & KIS licenses are the same, as they both can be upgraded to Standard. Why did you guys change that? Is it just temporary until Basic is released in all the countries, or did you just decide to cancel Basic all together? It upsets me to see these changes because the cost of KAV/KIS/KTS are not equal, so making 2 different tiers upgradable to the same new version is unfair to the users who paid more. Any official info is appreciated.
  13. Yes. KTS = Kaspersky Total Security KIS = Kaspersky Internet Security KAV = Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  14. Thanks! I don't really care about the VPN since it's not available in my country anyway. Im excited to test out the new app soon and hopefully it'll accept my key. Do you know when/if they are going to add Kaspersky Plus within the "compatible apps" for my license in My Kaspersky? It only says KP (for Android) at the moment:
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