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  1. Added the Kaspersky Secure Connection Program and all seems good for now. Thanks FLOOD! BTW, is there a way to change my sign-in password?
  2. When I installed KIS version (a), Kaspersky Secure Connection was also installed. While I understand the reason for its installation, it is why KIS version (a) would not update beyond (a). Once I deleted the Kaspersky Secure Connection program, KIS updated itself to (c) automatically. Now the question is: do I really need the Kaspersky Secure Connection program? Tell me what you think.
  3. When you say Restart the computer, I can do a Restart or a complete Shutdown and then restart the PC. Which route should I go? I am running Windows 10 Pro, version 1803 at present as I have not yet been updated to version 1809 by Microsoft.
  4. AvalonP Theorist I just rolled over to KIS 2020 today and so am on patch(a) for the moment. Will see what happens when I reboot and will post the results here.
  5. TO: FLOOD Platinum Senior Helper I performed an automatic data update. Will do a reboot and let you know if patch(b) shows up for me.
  6. I agree you can use your method but I've been using my method since 2012 without any issues and prefer it as it only requires one PC restart.
  7. Update from KIS 2019 to KIS 2020 (US English Version) went flawlessly and kept all my settings from KIS 2019 without any issues as KIS 2020 installed directly over KIS 2019. :wink:
  8. Just moved over to the new forum and am happy to know that Kaspersky does accept PayPal. May use it the next time I renew my Kaspersky Internet Security program.
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