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  1. Fair enough, though, again, doesn't csrss.exe being located outside of the Windows folder something to be worried about?
  2. But what about miners and RATs? Have you ever heard of csrss being located here?
  3. Hello, I've recently discovered &SysReset and found a csrss.exe file in it, right under the "Scratch" folder. It seems to have been last modified in 2019 and another computer, which I also reset, also has a csrss.exe file, but that file was last modified in 2021 (before I reset it). I'm somewhat suspicious of this file considering, from my knowledge, csrss.exe should only exist in Sys32, though, I've scanned my computer numerous times with Kaspersky and a different 2nd opinion scanner (HitmanPro). Neither of them detect anything wrong. The file has valid digital signatures. The main reason why I'm so concerned is because my computer did have a malware infection. Though, I performed a PC reset via Windows and thought that was it. I'm adding the VirusTotal link for it: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8ebf4096d28a78e8ab36e5084784acc90464eb4a74d972c942f147ea59e5134b/community
  4. I see, so, those files can just be safely ignored then, right? If they were a problem, the anti-virus feature would pick it up instead of the scan?
  5. Forgot to mention, these errors don't appear when doing a selective scan on some objects. I couldn't scan a few objects like the user data one in Edge as I couldn't access the folder.
  6. I don't think I've ever seen a Kaspersky Full Scan without having at least one unprocessed file in it. Though, I've began noticing that ever since the 15th of May, that instead of just one, it's been having about 7-8 unprocessed files that're consistently there with every scan. What's most alarming is that some of these files belong to the program itself. Despite said files, the anti-virus, from my understanding, works fine, apart from these errors. Is this anything to worry about or just a bug with the update? Windows also updated on the 15th, so maybe it's something related to that? I'm attaching an image of the unprocessed files. In the "details" section it doesn't really give anything of value. It only says "Processing Error" and the file location.
  7. I got two critical errors in one of my full scans but for some reason, when I click the error to show me the logs, it shows nothing. It still says there's 2, but it doesn't show the specific objects. It shows me the "Task has started" and it's showed me critical errors before, so I have no idea why it's not showing them now. The "Save Report" button also does nothing. It brings up a "save as" window, though, it doesn't actually save the file- nothing actually appears. Is this just a bug or something to be concerned about?
  8. Ohh, okay. I guess it doesn't matter that much as long as it works as well.
  9. Yep, my anti-virus says that my free license is up and running. Yes. English.
  10. Kaspersky Security Cloud updated into Kaspersky Free a long while ago, but today I logged into My Kaspersky and noticed that I have a "Not supported in your region" text for some reason. This warning isn't displayed anywhere in the programs, only on My Kaspersky. If I click on any of the devices in My Kaspersky, it says that my subscription is active and everything's alright. To reiterate, KSC ITSELF updated to Kaspersky Free. Is it because I might've downloaded the EU version of KSC, is it something to worry about?
  11. I ran an "application vulnerability scan" using Kaspersky today and it found a file in the "C:\MinGW" directory that it couldn't process. I had MinGW installed at one point but, from what I know, I completely uninstalled it. There's no environment path for it and the folder is never in my "C:\" directory. How did Kaspersky pick it up? Is it something to worry about? How do I remove it? EDIT: I ran another two vulnerability scans and neither of them picked up the file again. Was this some sort of bug or is it something to worry about? For context, I don't ever remember using the vulnerability scan feature apart from now.
  12. ..I didn't. I said I hoped this issue would be fixed soon: "Hope this issue is resolved soon".
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