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  1. Ohh, okay. I guess it doesn't matter that much as long as it works as well.
  2. Yep, my anti-virus says that my free license is up and running. Yes. English.
  3. Kaspersky Security Cloud updated into Kaspersky Free a long while ago, but today I logged into My Kaspersky and noticed that I have a "Not supported in your region" text for some reason. This warning isn't displayed anywhere in the programs, only on My Kaspersky. If I click on any of the devices in My Kaspersky, it says that my subscription is active and everything's alright. To reiterate, KSC ITSELF updated to Kaspersky Free. Is it because I might've downloaded the EU version of KSC, is it something to worry about?
  4. I ran an "application vulnerability scan" using Kaspersky today and it found a file in the "C:\MinGW" directory that it couldn't process. I had MinGW installed at one point but, from what I know, I completely uninstalled it. There's no environment path for it and the folder is never in my "C:\" directory. How did Kaspersky pick it up? Is it something to worry about? How do I remove it? EDIT: I ran another two vulnerability scans and neither of them picked up the file again. Was this some sort of bug or is it something to worry about? For context, I don't ever remember using the vulnerability scan feature apart from now.
  5. ..I didn't. I said I hoped this issue would be fixed soon: "Hope this issue is resolved soon".
  6. Also, to add, I've used both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge and it still blocks the website. I tried accessing the site on my laptop and, again, it still blocks it. The website is pildyk.lt, by the way.
  7. I'm having a slight problem with Kaspersky- for some reason it's saying that a normal website, or at least it was in the past, has a bad certificate. I visited this website on my phone on Chrome to confirm, but Chrome found no problems with it's certificate. The certificate is fully valid and is valid until 2023. I also clicked the "View certificate" button and it also seems completely fine. The reason that the visit was prevented was because of " One of certificate files has incorrect extension". Is this a bug, did a normal website get broken into or is something going on on my end??
  8. I realised that the behavioral detection component of Kaspersky Free is System Watcher, though, it says that System Watcher protects against Ransomware and other cryptolockers, it doesn't mention any other malware. Does it protect only against these kinds of malware or ALL kinds?
  9. I mean, I'm pretty sure I didn't execute anything. I also used the stick to install Windows before, so I know that there is a legitimate Windows Install file in it, I'm just not sure if it had any malware alongside in it. Thanks for the reply, by the way!
  10. I recently plugged in a USB to reformat it. It had the windows set up files in it, but I set it up back on my old PC which no doubt has a lot of malware. Kaspersky did a quick scan as soon as I plugged it in and found nothing, though, it only scanned about 5 files instead of the 50+ that were in there. I've done a quick scan, 2x full scans and a background scan- nothing was found. AutoPlay is enabled on my computer. There were files on the USB and I reformated the USB not too long ago. Nothing weird happened after I plugged it in. Am I safe?
  11. I don't remember whether I accepted or declined the agreement when installing Kaspersky. I went through the settings and saw "Kaspersky Security Network Statement"- is this KSN? If it's on, does that mean KSN is on and everything's working as intended?
  12. Well, I'm pretty sure my ssd is fine. I checked not too long ago and no other file corruption seems to have happened (except some windows files being corrupted a few months back). I reinstalled Kaspersky and it's been working fine since. I'm more concerned about possible malware being what's turning Kaspersky off and on. Could it be that?
  13. Yeah, I know what it is. I'm just not sure how my ISP would be turning off my antivirus.
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