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  1. Problem fixed for me, and i hope for all. Thank you for your work kaspersky.
  2. The problem has been noticed it will be fixed! thats why forums are made to help the devs to solved any problems we encounter. Problems and mistakes are part of our lifes, digital and real life what you said "its about trust" it dosn't make any sense here. Its not how bad the problem is its how quick the company notices it and rushes to fix it, if kaspersky ignored it then yes then we can talk about trust issues. I still trust Kaspersky because of the way the handled the situation. Respect the people who work hard for you AND be patient....
  3. Why are people so dramatic about it? You can still control and adjust the fans from the bios, if you are afraid to use the bios or dont know what to do look at some guides. Or you can search some good temporary solutions poeple already shared on this post. be patient....
  4. A temporary solution for me was to install an old version of asus ai suite 3 (3.00.13) so far everything works fine. Does anyone have the same problem with corsair icue?
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