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  1. Well, consider an extreme situation where a thief takes my phone and forces me to say my password. The thief now has full access to my phone. If the anti-theft feature has a different password for unlocking the phone after I remotely block it using My Kaspersky, the thief won't be able to unlock the phone using the password I gave to they. And, if the anti-thief uses the same password, the thief will simply use the password taken from me to unlock the phone again. Know what I mean? My question is if it's possible to configure the anti-theft feature with a different password to unlock the phone for when I block it with My Kaspersky. If it ain't, no problem at all. Thanks.
  2. Hello. I have Kaspersky Internet Security installed in two Android devices, one at version 8.1.0 and other at version 9. The Anti-theft feature works fine on them, but I want to know if it is possible to use a exclusive password for unlocking the anti-theft screen lock from using the same password I use at the standard phone screen lock. If it is not, I suggest implemeting this feature, because if someone knows my phone password, the anti-theft lock won't stop them. Thanks.
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