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  1. Hi Flood, I have followed your instructions and I have printed out the Login and Password. I downloaded the Ovpn credentials file and copied it from my downloads screen to a flash drive. I am now waiting for an adapter cable I ordered from Amazon Prime. I still dont Know how to transfer that file to my firestick. Regards, Bernard2
  2. Thanks Flood, I’m off to bed now so I will try it tomorrow.
  3. Hi Danila T, I am a premium user. from My Kaspersky account, then secure connection tab, then a screen showing a graph of traffic usage, scrolled down to a tab that said Setup via Openvpn, hit that tab then a box with choice of countries, hit UK then another box with Location, login, password, then a tab Download OVPN, hit that tab, then downloads a file named credentials.ovpn, but I can’t open that file. Am I going about this completely wrong. Best regards, Bernard2
  4. Hi Danila T, How do I get the KSeC configuration file? Bernard2
  5. Hi Danila T I have no problem with all my Kaspersky products on my desktop and laptop both Windows 10 Bernard2
  6. I still have no luck installing KVPN on my firestick. Is there anyone in the community that has the same problem or has installed KVPN on a firestick
  7. Hi Flood, The last message I got from the technical team was to send them screenshots of the problem. Seeing I’m trying to install the firestick with TV , I can’t do a screenshot. I have tried some more ways and early got there. I installed Apotide tv app this allowed me to find and install KVPN. On the screen it said app installed but when I tried to move the cursor to tick the end user agreement the screen froze. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but when I came to the end user agreement screen the cursor wouldn’t work. Regards, Bernard2
  8. Hi Flood and Flood’s wife, Yes I have followed Danila instructions and Technical support instructions and various sites on the internet instructions and they have all failed. I have a brand new 3rd generation firestick. I was hoping there was someone on this forum who has installed KVPN on their firestick. Regards, Bernard2
  9. I purchased Kaspersky VPN secure connection to use on a third generation firestick. I have tried numerous ways to install it but I always end up with the message APP NOT INSTALLED. Has anyone been successful with the VPN installation on a firestick.
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