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  1. If I’m not mistaken the context icon menu from Kaspersky came back after using Ccleaner to clean up software junkies and registry. Thank you everyone here in the forum for the help!
  2. I did. And after quite a while they answered me, but the support guy said simply to ‘send the Kaspersky shortcut to the desktop area ?! I even sent this post to give more context to him, but I don’t think he even read it. And after I explained the situation, he just gave me the step-by-step to uninstall and install the software. So for the time being I will just keep using the selective analyze option inside Kaspersky. If anyone knows how to fix this without having to uninstall it, please get in touch!
  3. 1. Kaspersky Total Security 2. 3. Windows 11 Pro - Versão 22H2 (Compilação do Sistema Operacional 22621.819) 4. Brazil
  4. I recently updated my version to the Plus, and I noticed the Kaspersky Icon to verify virus is not showing in the context menu as it used to. I looked for configuration but couldn’t find any.
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