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  1. I have the same issue with my 3 installations KIS 2020 (c). Looking forward for a solution.
  2. I guess things have not changed much. I had a similar experience about a year ago. Bought a new license while the current license was still active. I registered the new license in the KIS application trusting that "You can enter a new activation code. The application will initiate automatic activation with this activation code after the current license expires". About 2 months later I log into My Kaspersky and realized that the new license had been activated all along and since my current license was still valid I was using 2 licenses at the same time on the same hardware! After contacting Kaspersky support, I was offered a new license. A few weeks later I realized that this new license had also been already activated by Kaspersky! I gave up and salvaged whatever time was left on the new license after the original license expired. My lesson learned is that I will keep all new licenses in a vault until needed.:sunglasses:
  3. I installed KIS 2020 on top of KIS 2019 on 3 laptops running Windows 10 Pro 1903. All I can say is WOW! Installation was flawless. Performance is top notch. Great job Kaspersky!!
  4. Looking ahead. When KIS 2020 is released in a month or two, will it offer to install over 2019 or will I have to uninstall 2019 first? Which method will be better and trouble-free?
  5. I finally get an answer to my forever question of why the rootkit scan takes over 35 minutes to complete in my system when a full scan might take 14 minutes! "Only "rootkit scan" comes in the background and with reduced CPU and disk consumption." That's why it takes so long! Thank you.
  6. Patch E for KIS 19 was installed. You can find out what changed here: https://support.kaspersky.com/13875 Be aware that the changes will not be updated for a while.
  7. Since patch E for K2019 is currently in beta testing, am I wrong to assume that K2019 E will released before K2020?
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