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  1. @Berny Thank you very much for the info, this puts my mind at rest.
  2. I first tried to renew through the link in the forum, there I had to pay with a credit card (I don’t have one). So I got to this website : https://www.kaspersky.nl/renewal-center/home There Ican pay with a bank transfer in France …… ? Nexway. In the past it went through a firm in Luxemburg and a bankaccount in Belgium. It was also much cheaper, is there a catch ? I just hope I still can choose English when I install the software.
  3. @KarDip The reply from Kaspersky support : “set all networks 'Trusted' status in Kaspersky Firewall: 1. If the main window of Kaspersky application is not on your desktop, bring it up by double-clicking the Kaspersky desktop shortcut (icon) or by double clicking on the smaller Kaspersky icon in the bottom right corner of the screen; 2. Click on the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of the Kaspersky window; 3. On the left side menu select 'Protection'; 4. On the right side menu select 'Firewall' and then select 'Networks'. 5. Right click on each network in the list, except Internet, and select Edit. 6. From the tab that will appear in the right hand side, set the Network type as 'Trusted network'. 7. Repeat the same procedure for each and every network listed there apart from "Internet" (as mentioned above) Please note that the packet rules for TCP and UDP should remain on "Allow" as well.” I did all that and I could share the printer on the other computers. As to the TCP and UDP rules : I have a question : is this safe. When allowing it Kaspersky asks if I’m sure and that it’s not a malicious process causing the change and I had to confirm.
  4. @KarDip : my network connection is Private and I sent the GSI and asked support for help. Thanks.
  5. @KarDip : I don’t know what you mean but I did install the drivers from HP on the computer where the printer is connected to. Scanning, printing etc. is possible on that computer only. It’s in fact the network communication between the computers that is not working. All the computers have the same OS and KIS version on it.
  6. Since it involved some blocking by a firewall and port 445, it could have been Kaspersky. I never disabled TCP and UDP before on any computer, it did not help anyway.
  7. KIS 20.014.1085(f) Network was changed like mentioned above but blocked it again. All computers are configured that way. I really don’t want to mess up security settings for 1. a printer that does not want to show up and 2.files/computers that cannot be seen. Already got a huge file Live Kernel reports, that CCleaner detected, moved it to another drive, don’t know why that happened ! Not really reassuring with a new computer. And yes, 5 days of changing, adapting, tutorials etc. error 0x80070035 etc. : there is a very good tutorial on the windows 10 forum, very clear and I followed every step, controlled a few times to be sure and no, it did not work. Seeing all this I also understand that this a serious bug in windows10 and so far many people are facing this problem. It’s a pity Windows 7 is stopping updates and support next year. My workaround for now is to copy whatever I want to print from another computer is copy it to an external USB stick and print from there, until windows (maybe) comes up with a real solution.
  8. Thanks fo your replies. @Berny : changed the settings on both the computer and the laptop. Same thing, nothing changed. laptop is not visible on the computer. Things change continuously, I’m trying since Thursday and I bought this computer to replace windows 7…… argh ….. I suppose I better reset it to the original and block it again.
  9. System : windows 10 Home edition : 1909.18363.535 The initial purpose was to share the printer HP Officejet 6600 (usb connected)that is set as shared on the computer and working, on the laptop I get the error : Windows cannot connect to the printer. Check the printer name. If it is a network printer make sure it is turned on and that the printer address is correct. I checked all that. Since this failed I tried to make a network connection from the laptop to the computer with the result hereafter. On the laptop : file and print resource (DESKTOP-L....) is online but isn’t responding to connection attempts : error code 0x80070035.The remote computer isn’t responding to connections on port 445, possibly due to firewall or security settings, or because it might be temporarily unavailable.Windows couldn’t find any problem with the firewall on your computer. netbios over TCP/IP is enabled, Network discovery is on, file and printer sharing as well and the printer is marked as shared. I changed the settings accordingly on both desktop and laptop. SMB1 = enabled, Sharing wizard is checked in folder options, Function discovery resource publication and funtion discovery provider host is set to automatic. The public folder is set to shared. I was able to connect the laptop through the desktop but after restarting, they are visible but refuse to connect. I even did a network reset and clicked yes to : allow the computer to be discoverable. Since this going on for a while now, I hope someone can help me out, I cannot think of anything any more and followed all the recommendations I could find. After all that changing etc. I got the internet to be very slow. After disabling : allow downloads from other PC’s in windows settings it got better for a while, it’s on and off really. Thanks.
  10. Their reply : “Summarizing your previous post when you stopped MBAM from running with windows, the applications started to work fine. Please note that both Kaspersky and MBAM use the real time protection and this is the reason where incompatibilities might arise. I believe the best option for you now is to have MBAM not running with Windows. I will keep your incident open for the next 5 days to check and monitor the situation on your computer.” Best regards.
  11. @FLOOD On the first point : I really first thought it was solved but it wasn’t, it’s even worse. On the second point : no I did not check but now I did and yes malwarebytes is on that list. So what now : all exclusions are added in KIS. Is this the new strategy of Kaspersky to have us uninstall mbam and finally get what they really want for years ? Not allowing us to use mbam (paid) is a very low move from Kaspersky. In the meantime support reacted, just had to send them a GSI, that did not work with mbam enabled. For the moment I configured mbam not to start with windows in the hope that there will be a solution.
  12. @richbuff @FLOOD I did contact support yesterday, I'm afraid there will be no reply until Monday. Chrome updated to 78.0.3904.84 but that did not help the problem remains the same, very disappointed since I’have still another problem pending with support since 30.05.2019 !
  13. I think my problem posted : https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-internet-security-13/kis-2020-software-updates-5262 is probably related to that patch, I solved it (well I thought) and it worked again for a while but MozillaThunderbird and Chrome are still crashing, so is CCleaner. I’m still on windows 7, the other computers are on windows 10 and so far, no probs there, but then again no Mozilla Thunderbird.
  14. Hello, I continued to search and trying and luckily I managed (for the time being) to have things working again. I’ll never update any software when Kaspersky asks, that’s for sure.
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