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  1. Hello everyone, I have a weird problem. KIS is totally blocking: Windows update - Microsoft Store - Dell Support - Nvidia Geforce Experience login. i can open other websites easily, KIS itself can login to my.kaspersky.com and can update database smoothly. I searched the forum and found about using : opentip.kaspersky.com I wanted to check it on dell support website and i needed to login first.. the login page for kaspersky itself can't open with strange errors.
  2. Hello My life saver ? I activated successfully , manual update ,then shut down and power on KIS is working perfectly now as it used to be. Version still the same : (j)
  3. First, Thank you for your time 1) Egypt. 2) ID INC000014737328
  4. Thank You guys for replies but i only have the email section .. i already used it two days ago and nothing happened, i think i will just have to wait
  5. ... and i am searching the forum because i have the same problem and the mods keep posting the FAQ page as a solution while there is no actual way to contact the support (i did sent a mail and i am waiting for a reply for 3 days now while i can't use my laptop without protection)
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