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  1. My lappy specs :- windows 10 21h2 I want to ask a question, that after unlocking the vault, Is it still safe and secure from viruses ? i.e., Can any virus extracts those passwords when the vault is open, or, Is it still encrypted in any way ?
  2. No no, this is not a issue ?. I was just telling him, that this is not a serious issue, as I have seen that hp laptops doesn’t show windows logo. And, I don’t think kaspersky is involved in any way, as these laptops were not showing windows logo since unboxing it.
  3. I have a hp laptop and desktop. In laptop, windows logo is not shown in boot screen (i.e. hp logo » black screen (2 sec) » login screen) Whereas, in my desktop, it shows hp logo » windows logo » black screen (0.5s to 1 sec) » login screen. So, Your issue is like my laptop or, something else ?
  4. I already saw this. But, not working. Currently, kaspersky is uninstalled since yesterday, and now the laptop is very much smooth especially the browser. It’s not getting hanged.
  5. As soon as I uninstall kaspersky, laptop get’s much faster. But, why ? When, I install kaspersky, laptop starts getting hanged, mouse starts jumping, browser also gets very slow. WHy ?? Please help me. Laptop specs :- i3 7020u ram 4gb ddr4 2133 mhz wd blue 5400 rpm hdd windows 10 home single language (21h2) kts latest patch (g)
  6. Yesterday, I have purchased Kaspersky total security. And, it comes with premium safe kids. So, Can I install it in other laptop or, mobile with under same account ?
  7. I have clean installed windows, re-creating all partitions, and then, I have downloaded trial of KTS, now, my issue is resolved. Thank you and a very happy new year!✨
  8. One last question, If I add kts license to my current kaspersky account, Will my current vault get deleted or, it will be upgraded ? And, Can I have two vaults under one account ?
  9. In this recent recording, your kpm is already unlocked. In your first posted recording, same I could not replicate the issue only while screen recording. But, when doing the same test (in your first test) without screen recording, then issue is happening only, atleast in my case. Although I made-up my mind to purchase total security 😁. Edit:- You mentioned that you done this test many times. Thank you for testing, I guess I will reinstall kpm.
  10. No, currently I don’t have any computer now. Yes, there is a icon, on the windows taskbar
  11. But, I have free version, I was thinking to upgrade to total security. But,……………… I hope you can understand my situation.
  12. @Flood and Flood's wife Try replicating without screen recording.
  13. @Flood and Flood's wife https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qM5PsCu02gV91FBMV6mZpfGyENXlyiDe/view?usp=sharing Above I have shared a screen recording of the issue, as you will be able to see, that after giving master password, it’s doing auto login correctly, but, why it is loading the application ? Settings screenshots below :-
  14. Whenever, I visit any website it pops up for a master password (because the vault is locked), that’s really good. But, why the heck, after entering the master password, it loads total application ui in front of the screen ? It should just unlock it and start doing it’s auto-filling tasks. Os:- Windows 10 21h2 KPM :- (t) / 1639410386_7112 / 1.0.523.0- I hope you understand the question…. Please help me……...
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