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  1. Thanks for the update, I was waiting for an update about this.
  2. I did not think that this was limited to one particular AV vendor. M$ as always makes a terrible mess of everything with their updates. Par for the course eh? Even found myself glancing at other vendors forums for similar events. Agreed, been using M$ Defender for now. In truth they have come a long way with hardening their security solution. Most impressed there with M$ Defender I must say as an alternative for now. Someone also should be barking up M$'s tree for fixes IMO.
  3. Thank you for the update! I really love Kaspersky products and would like to continue to use it but if the program is limiited to me it becomes self defeating in the sense that a limited security software solution is way too dangerous, given the state of malicious code today. It would be wise to seek an alternative due to this obviously. As a side note prior to this I was and still am having issues with Solution for problem with updated Kaspersky products | Kaspersky official blog
  4. I too am concerned about recent developments with regards to functionality of Kaspersky Premium running on my Windows 11 X64 PC. As many users here have posted, I think we need an informational update with regards to what is compatible, what needs to be disabled, etc. Another point of concern is that Kaspersky requires Dot Net 5XXX to run? Outdated and unsafe! This is concerning.... Limitations of Kaspersky Anti-Virus on Windows 10
  5. Thanks for the replies, appreciate it. Yes I have read extensively the Microsoft Defender yields to installed third party AV however there are some components of defender running in Services that I cannot stop. Functionality is not possible and greyed out. I also assume this has to do with the new tamper protection feature. By all other accounts Kaspersky Premium is the defacto AV solution though. Last the incident reports/crash reports submitted to Kaspersky were through automated means through the program. And I thought I would make this issue public due to the fact that Windows defender is in and on all Windows computers therefore probably effects many users.
  6. Been having the same issue as this reddit poster has had recently, Also been having an issue with program freezing after restart as outlined here, Application "crashes", "freezes" or "lags"; the "Previous application launch failed" error message appears (kaspersky.com) I of course submitted all crash reports, question is Windows Defender has recently been updated I noticed and I am wondering if Kaspersky is not disabling Defender as it should. Windows 11 Pro 22H2 Kaspersky premium
  7. Noticed this odd behavior myself although I was not sure about the cause. MS EDGE Version 107.0.1418. Video playback embedded in browser web pages stop, start, restart, behave abnormally. Do not think it is related to video drivers,etc in my case although you may want to update all system drivers.
  8. Basically when installing Kaspersky I had to turn off Microsoft's Memory integrity for Kaspersky to run properly. However now that I have done that it seems that Security Notification center in Windows 11 Pro 22H2 is reporting it as a problem? I had assumed that installing KSC would inherit the memory integrity option and it would be reported correctly under Windows Security notification icon. I have attached screenshots concerning this issue. Also as a side note I have already submitted a report to Microsoft. Thanks
  9. Did not want to start a me too movement here, I have no choice. Windows 11 Pro 22H2, when Kaspersky updates the VPN or Kaspersky Cloud software it seems to be loaded with bugs at the moment. As soon as it does I get intermittent error connection messages on my WiFi connection. Kaspersky really should QA or run software through Windows WHQL before submitting updates to end users. As a side note just reinstalled the program and works fine. That is until Kaspersky decides it needs to update to the latest version whenever that is. Which is another problem, the software available through MY KASPERSKY to download is always outdated, not good.
  10. Thanks for the reply, I tried the link provided and was able to intall it without a problem! Thank you thank you! As a sidenote I also ran the updater and according to FF the extension installed is version updated June 16th 2022
  11. Specs: Windows 11 Pro 21H2 Kaspersky Cloud Personal (i) Kaspersky Password / 1652695195_7200 / 1.0.523.0- FireFox version 101.0.1 Tried to install Kaspersky Password Manager extension on FireFox and it is a dead link. Cannot find Kasperky Password Manager anywhere on FireFox extension site neither.
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