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  1. what kind if WORTHLESS software is this? doesnt automatically register apps for which i have the web credentials set, overlay over login field is SO annoyingand unlike web it doesnt give you the option to save or manually edit on the fly... the audacity to charge money for this garbage.
  2. Thanks but there should really be an easier solution for more experienced users.. I get how it's made to be as easy as possible for the 0815 user but seriously, other AV options are significantly better in this regard.
  3. Yes just let me disable your software and unzip the files really quickly... Of course it flags it as malware which is a total false positive. Even the most basic free AV doesn't flag this FP and manually uploading FP flagged files cannot possibly be the solution of a company like Kaspersky, seriously.
  4. Great product you have there... keeps flagging fkin everythin as false positive and the best part is even after creating exception rules it just keeps deleting my files... In case anyone wonders what files I'm taking about, it's basic stuff like memtest... yes, memtest and no I didn't load it from some sketchy source. [Removed] Never had any of these issues whatsoever with [another antivirus] ... even free AV software works better and has less FP issues. This is absolutely crazy, fix this.
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