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  1. okay now it's fixed after trying some things. all I had to do is put another vpn on and then close that , and magically it added my keys . and when i say YOU I REFER TO KASPERSKY IT SELF , NOT YOU .. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, I CARE ABOUT PUTING MY MONEY ON THE RIGHT SOFTWARE . and this was a serious issue , and I do not forgive things like this . but now it's fixed so . i was 6 hours trying to fix this , and i do not like being here for those software issues at all. then you can mark this as solved
  2. Well I did all what it says in the article https://support.kaspersky.co.uk/ksec-for-windows/troubleshooting/13493 and nothing works , why I say it is a software issue ? in another computer it works just fine. so... I do not want to reinstall windows for this I really don't want to pay anymore for this.. really. give me a solution
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