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  1. Everything solved, that's why I don't change Kaspersky for any other antivirus, excellent support! I doubt if it was another app they would solve the problem so quickly... Congratulations to the entire support team ?
  2. I've also been using Kaspersky for many years and it's the first time I have problems with application conflicts, I also did the same thing, I went back to Windows 10 thinking it was a Windows 11 bug hahaha ... Now it's waiting for a solution that solves for good
  3. I use a Z490M Plus , here the same thing , Internet Security 2022 , Armory Crate works normally but the All suit does not start and I can not even uninstall ... It started to give an error after the last version update that even asked to restart the computer , at first I even thought it might be a Windows 11 bug, I took it and even formatted it for Windows 10 lol , because I never had any problems using Kaspersky
  4. It 's the first problem I have with Kaspersky , I have been using it for over 5 years , I renew my subscription every year ... Let 's see if they solve this fast , whenever I needed help their support quickly resolved it .
  5. Same problem here, motherboard ASUS Z490M Plus + Windows 10 21H2 after updating Kaspersky, as friends said the antivirus itself is blocking one of the essential services for the functioning of Asus applications: " atkexComSvc.exe " ... The way is to wait for Kaspersky to resolve this soon... OBS : I can't even run the Alsuit3 uninstaller to ... ?
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