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  1. I did pack it but last change in this folder was 21-04-2021, nothing about todays problem.
  2. So it’s actually no problem at all? Samsung Magician version was 7.0.0 and the update went in to 7.0.1 It’s now installed. Anything else I have to do?
  3. Today I got the message from Samsung magician to update to version 7.0.1 which I did. 1 Minute later kaspersky send me this: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic Trojaner Hoch Genau samsung_magician_installer.exe samsung_magician_installer.exe c:\programdata\samsung\samsung magician\site link is this a false positive or was it a real trojan? Kaspersky did delete it, I did another scan, everything seems to be clean. Win10 /home 21h2 Thanks, Andy
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