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  1. Answers: Q1, Correct . The Markets Hub screen is fine. Q2, Yes the behaviour was the same in all three browsers Q3, The problem is still there in Private Browsing Mode Q4, Sorry, it is/was www.telegraph.co.uk , a UK newspaper website and the problem occurred on the home page and all other pages of that site, except for the Markets Hub selected from the ‘Business’ page. As I have pointed out in the previous post, I tried changing the Kaspersky screen Privacy Protection, and changed “Block Data Collection” to “Only Gather Statistics” and lo and behold the odd behaviour (slider bar appearing then vanishing) seems to have been cured. I’m sure I haven’t made any changes there, I tend to let Kaspersky apply its default settings.
  2. Hmm, I have found out how to ‘fix’ it, but I don’t understand how it changed. In this screen, I had “Block data collection” selected, but I’m sure that was the Kaspersky default. I have changed it to “only gather statistics” and voila, the missing slider bars no longer 'disappear’ after 1 second or two. I am going to install the Kaspersky extension for Firefox, but I notice there is a warning that I should only install it if I trust it. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello Turning AdBlock Plus OFF makes no difference On my computer the aberrant slider behaviour occurs on all pages except for the section accessible on the BUSINESS page headed “More Information on MARKETS HUB” Once I visit the Markets Hub, that screen and all subsidiary screens display correctly, with the slider allowing navigation. As regards Chrome extensions, do you mean this from the actual Chrome browser (which I tend not to use) ? :-
  4. This is how my Telegraph screen appears, notice the lack of slider bar and the same will occur using Edge or Chrome. The only Firefox extension for now is AdBlock Plus. I haven’t applied any extensions to the other two browsers.
  5. Sorry Bobby that isn’t appropriate. I don’t have a Kaspersky icon in that location, all I have is a Shield icon to the left of the Padlock. When I click on it I get a list of options in the new windows 10 format, one of which states, “Enhanced Tracking Protection is ON for this site”, and a horizontal slider to turn it off. When I turn it OFF the page refreshes, briefly showing the vertical page slider bar on the right, and then it vanishes as before. Annoyingly I cannot show you a screen shot because as soon as I start using the Snipping Tool, the drop down box that appears when I click on the Shield icon vanishes :-(
  6. Since the start of this week, when I try and look at an online newspaper www.telegraph.co.uk then as soon as the home page has been ?built, the slider bar just vanishes and the screen expands to fill the space. This makes it impossible to navigate the page !. For a period of a second or so the slider bar is visible and can be grabbed with the mouse and the page contents moved up and down, but as soon as the slider bar vanishes the page is locked in its current position. Ctrl-F5 does not fix it. Not every page on this online newspaper suffers from this fault, they have a section called Market Details which gives access to UK and world stockmarkets and all those pages show the slider bar correctly allowing me to view the entire page. This odd behaviour vanishes if I pause Kaspersky Internet Security ( PC is Windows 10 Pro 32 bit. Strange behaviour happens on Firefox (latest Vsn), Edge and Chrome. No other online newspaper, or indeed any of the sites that I regularly look at have this problem, *only* the one shown above.
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