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    For a few hours for a few days ending at this internet page or that at Kaspersky.com it really is impossible to find one's payment details. Any questions get the brainless algorithmic run around but never an answer of one's real payment details. At all other internet sites one does. Here they don't exist except perhaps at Riverland where I am told I don't exist as my details are not recognised yet the money magically does arrive and they happy near delirious brainless algorithms message tells me how they are so glad etc. As my details have changed they will get a shock: no credit! Don't blame me. You won't reply - and you may even loose me for the ineptitude in not responding. Even asking this question got me over a hundred non related answers. Bravo for digital obscurantism. We are in the dark ages.  You have my details so I shall see if there is a response. If not bye bye because it I couldn't buy what was on offer.
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