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  1. Hi FLOOD. It seems it works! After started Chrome, KIS doesn't detect anything! :tada: If there will be some other issues, I'm going to post here again. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi FLOOD. Which options of KIS x 3 clean are you talking about? I don't understand which they should be. Here's Adwcleaner report.
  3. Hi FLOOD. No, I don't have any other Windows account. Just mine. Here's what you need.
  4. Hi FLOOD. Unfortunately the issue is still there. After complete scan, as soon as I opened Chrome, here it is again. :sob: What about now?
  5. Now I see why report goes back to 28/09/2019. On that day I installed latest version, KIS 2020. :sweat_smile:
  6. FLOOD, on KIS Privacy Cleaner link which you gave me, I found these steps: To run the Privacy Cleaner Wizard: Open the main application window. In the lower part of the main window, click the More Tools button. The Tools window opens. Go to the Clean and optimize section. Click the Privacy Cleaner link to run the Privacy Cleaner Wizard. Here below there's a screenshot of the fourth step but I don't find any Privacy Cleaner link as in fifth step. Can you help me even if it's in Italian? Thank you.
  7. FLOOD absolutely yes. It was. I have KIS since ten, eleven years.
  8. Hey FLOOD, here you are 30 days all events detailed reports :wink: Thanks!
  9. FLOOD I will follow your steps for sure first, I promise! :wink:
  10. Hi battybatmam4unme! Actually I still have to do what FLOODFLOOD suggested to me :sweat_smile: then if it won't work, I'll try your steps too. Thank you very much :wink:
  11. Dear FLOOD I'm going to do what you suggested to me as soon as possible then I'll be able to tell you something about it. Thanks.
  12. Hello Wesly.Zhang and thank you to you too. Unfortunately I don't know anything about JSON element or stuff like that. :sweat_smile: I hope someone can tell me what is better to do to fix that. Have a nice day.
  13. Hello FLOOD. Thank you very much, These are my extensions. Last one I installed is Kaspersky Protect Manager. I have never installed any theme. I hope Lab can give us an answer. Thank you.
  14. Hi everyone from Italy! Since some days my KIS 2020 detects this dangerous URL as you can see on the screenshot. I ran complete scan on my system but KIS doesn't find out anything. It looks like my system is clean. Actually I don't understand if I have some virus, malware, etc or not. Can someone help me to understand it and if yes how to fix it? Thank you very much. Alessandro
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