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  1. Oh you are right! Sorry for the inconveniences. I was not expecting the 'programData' folder to be hidden and I was not looking at the right folder. Thank you very much for your time and for the rapid feedback!
  2. Hi @Berny, It does not appear even with the view of hidden files and folders... The only "Report" names I can found inside the KIS21.3 folder are the next and they are not folders ?
  3. Hi!! I have the same problem, with all of the navigators I use (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozila) I could not navigate through internet. I was trying to do the steps for this solution but in my case I am not able to see the "Report" Folder. Therefore, I cannot change the name. C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3\ and rename the folder Report to Report1 The folders I have inside the AVP21.3 are the ones seen in the attached image. Do I have to change something in this folder or not? At the moment I had to disable the KIS in order to be able to work.
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