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  1. Hi @Wesly.Zhang , Thank you for your suggestions. I installed the latest version specified and tried again. It's working fine. great help thank you
  2. I tried in incognito mode and it’s working fine. So issue in normal mode only. No, I didn’t use sage money. Generally, it activates for bank sites I restore the settings to default and verified. But it is same Thank you I will do that
  3. Hi, I agree that this is not a solution because after uncheck the inject script option I can’t open Gmail etc. Yes, this issue happened in all my browsers. I verified in chrome and edge. I can confirm that if I quit the Kaspersky security application, it is working fine. But unable to find the option which is blocking this. Even I tried by disabling all the protections
  4. @Anton Mefodys (above reply) wants you to exit the browser, add the URL to Network settings, Encrypted connection scanning, Manage exclusions, add the URL, restart browser, restest? Have you done that please? Yes I added but not helped. Also, what happens if Network settings, Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages is unchecked? Use the same process, exit browser, apply the change, restart browser, recheck? This also will not worked Please disable kaspersky protection addones when you aceess this website. Any better? Disabled Kaspersky extension and not worked. Hi All, From the above points I did the combination of above points. I mean I uncheck Network settings, Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages and also disable the Kaspersky extension in the browser and it is working fine. If I did any one it will not work.
  5. Sorry after did this also same. I already tried by disable the entire secure keyboard. One more thing is I disabled all features from the Protection tab still the issue persists. But if I try after exit the Kaspersky, it is success
  6. Yes Kaspersky Protection is on Tried in Microsoft Edge and it is same when Kaspersky application is running I don't have any previous backup I tried but the option is to add file or folders not url
  7. Yes, same captcha. Settings are verified and are like that only. For me always it showing the Access code does not match. But if I closed the Kaspersky, it is working fine
  8. I am facing most of the bank websites like hdfc and govt websites like psc kerala etc eg: https://thulasi.psc.kerala.gov.in/
  9. My Kaspersky Details: Kaspersky Internet Security Application Version : (b)
  10. Hi I am facing some issues in captcha. I am facing this for months. For all websites, captchas are not working. This is for all browsers. Today, i closed Kaspersky Internet Security, and it is success. So please guide me which service / option blocking this? Regards, Akhilraj
  11. My KIS always showing website blocked even though I didn't access any website. The notification showing like below; Blocked an advertisement website or a URL that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data; ps://s3.amazonaws-com/js-static/18fe990e484820dae3.js My notifications filled with theses. Please help on this
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