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  1. Two days ago I downloaded the offline installation package of the password manager on the US official website. After installation, everything works fine. Listening to Wesly. Zhang said that this problem has also been fixed in China. Thanks everyone for your attention, hope Kaspersky is getting better and better
  2. Well done, but I don't know if it is done right, the request number is: INC000011144421 Actually this problem is estimated to be related to the latest version of the kaspersky password manager application. I just experimented on a virtual machine. The situation is the same. If you have time, you can try it. Restart the system after the installation is complete and you should see the results immediately
  3. okay, thank you. I packaged all the logs generated by kpm from installation to the present in an attachment
  4. 1.once 2.Uninstall from the control panel, and then install from the password manager management portal of Kaspersky's main interface 3.kaspersky security cloud licensed. However, I installed kaspersky security cloud through the online installation package of kaspersky total security through installation parameters
  5. 1.finished 2.The problem is that I cannot open the kpm application at all, even if I run it as an administrator. I can only see the version of the program from the control panel, I took a picture
  6. 1.windows 10 pro 1909 18363.535 2.kpm version is 3.Yes,like you did 4.Yes,like you did 5.https://support.kaspersky.com/us/14359 6.Yes GSI & Windows Logs This tool has been running for a long time and it is not over yet. I don't know when it will last. I will send other information first, thank you.
  7. After the new installation of Kaspersky Password Manager, before the system restarts, the icon in the system notification bar disappears. Checking Task Manager shows that the gui process disappears and the service process is still there. After that, whether it is manual or system restart, Kaspersky Password Manager User interface never works. Check the official support article and find that there are similar problems, but after reinstalling the password manager according to the prompts, the problem is still there. Would you like to ask if you have similar problems? How to solve it? Thank you! Attached there are two logs generated when the password manager is running, I don't quite understand, please help me to see, thank you!
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