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  1. @Flood and Flood's wife thanks for all your help. I can see this issue is effecting a few people as well. I will keep an eye on the forum.
  2. Hi, Thanks for explaining the BBC issue. Regarding netflix UK, I can't provide any specific examples at the moment as i can't even connect to the site as the per the attached screenshot. I get the same result with both UK servers. cheers.
  3. Update - Hi, I was obviously running an outdated or different version of the vpn, as I downloaded it again and the sever list updated. The netflix content is now available on the USA servers however, unfortunately neither of the UK servers are connecting to netflix or bbc iplayer at all.
  4. Hi thanks for the quick response. The dark knight was just an indicative example but it is the same for all other content although, I had some limited success on the USA South server. It's interesting to see the list of servers in your reply as these options seem unavailable on my list. I have attached a screen shot of the available servers I have. Do I have the incorrect version of the vpn? or is there a setting I need to adjust so I can see the additional servers? I would really like to know how I can access the multiple US and UK servers that you mention. thanks for your help.
  5. Hi everyone, Currently Netflix is only allowing me to view netflix original content when connected via the vpn. If you search for a non netflix original show, you will find it but only the "remind me" button is available. I am in Australia trying to access the US and UK netflix content. Is there a work around for this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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