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  1. I downloaded and installed Kaspersky. I then ran a metadata download test on Calibre Portable 5.43 on 3 instances of libraries on my USB. They all worked perfectly. I then did the same on an instance of Calbre Portable 5.40 and the download worked perfectly. I will continue to monitor and raise if it occurs again. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Thank you. I will reinstall Kaspersky and try again. I am uncomfortable just relying on Windows Defender. I will report back on the results. Thank you
  3. Please note that the web page you reference downloads Calibre Portable Version 5.43 which was made available after I deleted Kaspersky so I have not been able to test on that version. I encountered the problem on Version 5.42. Calibre has updates of minor releases every 3-4 weeks. I usually skip at least one update. I always update to a major release but wait 3 - 4 days before I update. Calibre's "Whats New" can be found at https://calibre-ebook.com/whats-new . Please also note that to ensure that I was not be geo blocked I installed Kaspersky VPN and accessed pretending to be located in Leeds, UK. I also switched off all Location services in Windows. I tested that the VPN was working by accessing the Denon USA and UK sites which currently blocks all traffic from Cambodia. With Kaspersky VPN set to the UK I was able to access the Denon sites. I don't normally use a VPN as I am seldom geo blocked. Tests were conducted with and without use of Kaspersky VPN.
  4. Yes. You should select the "Portable Version". In my testing I sampled previous versions of Calibre Portable (available at https://download.calibre-ebook.com/) to determine if it was the latest release. I tested 2 versions from major release 5 and two from major release 4. The version the problem initially occurred on was Version 5.42. I did not encounter the problem until around 21 May (I cannot be sure of the actual date).. In my testing: a. Shutdown and started Widows. b. I installed a version of Calibre. c. Disabled Kaspersky d. Imported 1 book into Calibre. A book where previously metadata download has occurred. e. Achieved a metadata download which was successful f. Enabled Kaspersky g. Attempted a metadata download which failed. h. Disabled Kaspersky i. Attempted a metadata download which failed. j. Deleted the entire Calibre folder including the portable app and cleared Windows Recycle Bin. k. repeated the cycle. Also during testing I deleted Windows temporary files and cache. With similar results. I noticed that Calibre Metadata Download function uses Mozilla Version 83 (as advised by Calibre author). I then refreshed Firefox but still had similar results. I deleted any software installed immediately prior to the problem occurring (this was Facebook Messenger app used for a virtual meeting). I also changed the DNS on my Windows machine to Google ( and I tried on different USB drives. My Kaspersky was set for automatic updates I delay any Windows updates for 1 day. Kaspersky was used to keep my background update other applications. I hope this helps. Thanks
  5. Please see my response in the other thread you responded to. Thanks
  6. Thanks, Unfortunately I have uninstalled Kaspersky. The problem is that I use Calibre Portable on a USB drive and I have multiple instance (four common and 3 occasional) of it for different libraries. Because it is "portable" it is not installed on my machine so is not in the list of Windows applications. It needs to be the portable version as I use on multiple windows machines. Can you advise how I can configure Kaspersky for that? When I get an opportunity I will reinstall and try. Kind regards, Adam
  7. I recently started having failures on Calibre Metadata download for books. This applied to metadata downloads from Amazon, Google and Good reads. The remote host would reject the attempt to download the metadata and terminate the connection. After a period of evaluation of potential probable causes I tried using earlier versions of Calibre. It would work the first time an earlier release was used but subsequent attempts at metadata download would fail with the same results. All symptoms pointed to Kaspersky. With an previously unused version of Calibre it would work if Kapersky was disabled. Enabling Kaspersky would cause the metadata download to fail. This applied to all iterations of Calibre Portable. I uninstalled Kaspersky and the metadata downloads work perfectly. I am currently relying on Windows Defender which is not my optimal preference. I really need a resolution as soon as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An example of the error encountered (for a book where metadata download had previously worked) is: ****************************** Google (1, 0, 3) ****************************** Found 0 results Downloading from Google took 0.5406780242919922 Making query: https://books.google.com/books/feeds/volumes?q=intitle%3AHero+intitle%3Aof+intitle%3AEmpire%2Binauthor%3ACandice+inauthor%3AMillard&max-results=20&start-index=1&min-viewability=none Failed to make identify query: 'https://books.google.com/books/feeds/volumes?q=intitle%3AHero+intitle%3Aof+intitle%3AEmpire%2Binauthor%3ACandice+inauthor%3AMillard&max-results=20&start-index=1&min-viewability=none' Traceback (most recent call last): File "mechanize\_urllib2_fork.py", line 1236, in do_open File "http\client.py", line 1255, in request File "http\client.py", line 1301, in _send_request File "http\client.py", line 1250, in endheaders File "http\client.py", line 1010, in _send_output File "http\client.py", line 950, in send File "http\client.py", line 1424, in connect File "ssl.py", line 500, in wrap_socket File "ssl.py", line 1040, in _create File "ssl.py", line 1309, in do_handshake ConnectionResetError: [WinError 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
  8. I have recently been unable to download metadata using the Calibre Portable program. Attempts to download result in an error from the metadata search site with the remote host forcibly closing the connection. If I install a previous version of the Calibre Portable program and pause Kaspersky protection then the metadata download is successful. When I resume protection the metadata download fails. Somehow this is failure is persistent. a. If I pause Kaspersky again and attempt the metadata download the metadata down load fails. b. If I delete the Calibre Portable program and reinstall then I still cannot download the metadata with Kaspersky enabled or disabled. Can you please assist.... Thanks The error message is: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Found 0 results Downloading from Amazon.com took 1.08599996567 User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/72.0.3626.121 Safari/537.36 Server: auto Making google query: https://www.google.com/search?q=November+9+Colleen+Hoover+site%3Awww.amazon.com Plugin Amazon.com failed Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\metadata\sources\identify.py", line 47, in run File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\metadata\sources\amazon.py", line 1429, in identify File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\metadata\sources\amazon.py", line 1361, in search_search_engine File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\metadata\sources\search_engines.py", line 234, in google_search File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\metadata\sources\search_engines.py", line 68, in query File "site-packages\mechanize\_mechanize.py", line 238, in open_novisit File "site-packages\mechanize\_mechanize.py", line 283, in _mech_open File "site-packages\mechanize\_opener.py", line 193, in open File "site-packages\mechanize\_urllib2_fork.py", line 375, in _open File "site-packages\mechanize\_urllib2_fork.py", line 363, in _call_chain File "site-packages\calibre\utils\browser.py", line 29, in https_open File "site-packages\mechanize\_urllib2_fork.py", line 1182, in do_open URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host>
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