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  1. One need to type the master password to change settings and to log-in My Kaspersky Admin. Without password most of the sensitive settings won't be changed. Alternatively, you may reset password if you have forgotten. Thanks, Abhishek
  2. Hi team, I am not able to use open-sources softwares like Spyder and Anaconda Navigator (Anaconda3) for few days.....seems (software) it has been blocked due to some code error ! Is it due to some settings of Kaspersky Total Internet or problem is with Spyder (Python)? Earlier it was working fine but these days even after multiple uninstalls and re-installing it didn't work. Can't you reply about the bug or error found by Kaspersky Total Internet Security in the open-sources softwares like Spyder and Anaconda Navigator (Anaconda3)? I am unable to use these two softwares. If such kind of issues are out of the context of the "Kaspesky" team and I need to contact Spyder &/or Anaconda Navigator (Anaconda3) manufacturer / developer then, kindly reply the same so that I may raise a ticket there too. I am in deep rooted problem as most of the python based programs are blocked mid-way. Any identified code or kernal or .msi or .exe file error ? Kindly, share the link so that I may refer to solution in the forum else where. Thanks. Abhishek Singh India
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