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  1. Dear Friends how much size kaspersky events occupied for each categorized events such as info,warning,critical,functional failure or etc? From when I changed my policies on kaspersky security center send all of my event logs store on database and send them to syslog server, it increased my Disk space. would you please help me how to reduce it?
  2. I start stop all the services it remains but when I restart my server that my web console located there it solved. But I have seriously problem on use of web console my user is full administrator and all the plugins are installed in web server but I can not manage devices with web console and it does not show all the OU s and devices .also I can not edit policy and disable windows server security at all. how can I solve this?
  3. Dear friends I have kaspersky security center administration server 13.2 and kaspersky security web console 13.2 , when I log into web console it shows the error that connection administration server has been terminated. all of the web console services are running and the user that log into the web console is correct with all accessibilities allow and it was working till now. but suddenly it shows this error today and I can not connect to web console. how can I solve it?
  4. Dear friends one of my EndPoint server that have kaspersky windows server security version and network agent not get License by Activation of application task from the kaspersky sercurity Console , the Agent connection is performed performed between server to client , I also checked 13291port in my endpoint and it was connected to my security center. how can I solve the problem? should I manually add the key in this server?
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