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  1. The problem is fixed for me as well, BIG THANK You Kaspersky! 🙂👍
  2. Same here, AI Suite 3 not loading since latest windows update KB5014699. Also using Kaspersky Total Security. It's unfortunate that it is summer and I always run my CPU at lower clocks. Can't do that now. Can not control my fans either. Is there any workaround while waiting for the solution?
  3. Problem SOLVED: Web Pages with the BLACK SCREEN pages HAVE to be allowed under ANTI-BANNER management. No more black screens on blocket.se and jobs.academicwork.se Rant over! ☺
  4. Exact same problem with black screen in Chrome AND Edge which is DRIVING me CRAZY! I even uninstalled Nvidia driver, deleted ALL WEB history to no avail UNTIL I DISABLED TOTAL SECURITY 2020!!! No more black screen! Kaspesky fix that ASAP blocket.se is the BIGGEST webpage in Sweden and I get black screen EVERY TIME I LOG IN with my USER NAME. EVERY TIME! academicwork.se: Same thing, try to apply to any job via this link: https://jobs.academicwork.se/ Boom, Black SCREEN, can't do sh*t! Please, your "security" is unusable, fix that ASAP.
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