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  1. What Desktop OS and Desktop web browser do Eugene Kaspersky and other security researchers use? What Mobile OS and Mobile web browser do Eugene Kaspersky and other security researchers use?
  2. Could you add a “Save to Files” option in the Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS? Safari has a “Save to Files” option. I would like to save pdf files.
  3. iPhone SE 2020 iOS 14.4.2 Model: MX9N2LL/A Latest version of SecurityPulse for iOS. SecurityPulse About screen does not show version number. I have been using SecurityPulse for several months. It should have shown at least one notification.
  4. I have notifications enabled in the SecurityPulse app on iOS, but SecurityPulse does not display any notifications. I checked General...Settings...SecurityPulse...Notification, allow notifications is enabled and Alerts for Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners are all checked. I receive notifications from other apps.
  5. The Kaspersky gnome applet could display Kaspersky security news, so that Linux users are up-to-date on the latest security flaws and data breaches. After first installation, it could display a list of security tips.
  6. Maybe there could be an option for users to opt-in to contribute their idle cpu cycles to Kaspersky for machine learning malware analysis. This would increase a users power usage costs, but some users have excess solar and/or wind power. There could be a donation button so that users could help support the Kaspersky Security Network.
  7. Some people would be willing to donate some money to support the development of Kaspersky Free. Some people might donate small amounts like $1 or $5. $1 from a million users is $1 million.Could you add a donation button to Kaspersky Free? Maybe you could setup a Kaspersky Foundation and make the donation tax deductible. People might donate more if it lowers their taxes. Protecting users from cyber criminals is a charitable act.
  8. Could you create a gnome applet for Ubuntu, that would use the Kaspersky Security Network to analyze web traffic? In exchange, for contributing to KSN, a user would receive protection from KSN. Web browsers have anti-phishing, but if a user’s web browser gets infected with malware, malware could disable anti-phishing and/or collect and distribute user data to a identity thief. A security app outside the web browser would protect the user from this security risk.
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