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  1. Is happening to me. Kaspersky is warning NZXT cam as a trojam. It makes no sense since NZXT cam is an regular app.
  2. What i did is reinstall both kaspersky and armory crate, but, this time i used the the unistall tool provide from armory crate. They have a unistall tool. So instead going control panel and unistalling manually, i used this tool and it worked fine now... Cya guys
  3. Finaly, its working properly... Please kaspersky, do not ‎interfere ‎at asus anymore. It drove me crazy this last month seeking for a solution...
  4. Nope, still not complete. My armoury crate doesnt recongnize my DDR4 memories anymore and i get stuck in a infinity loading when i tried to open the motherbord tab (rog maximus formula XII - Z490). It says that the asus framework is BUSY, whatahell.. BTW this is fresh, cuz i reinstalled after downloading lates kaspesky filles... Please kaspersky, fix this as soon as you guys can. Its so anoying...
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