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  1. Found it on "Network configuration", had to disable a bunch of stuff to get rid of this completely.
  2. This can be disabled by uninstalling the VPN, I have disabled it that way on my machine and it's been working to this moment. But yes, that practice is disgusting, this is supposed to protect us not to try and take money from us at all costs behaving like damn adware, Kaspersky has truly went downhill, a shame it used to be good.
  3. I have disabled web antivirus in the configuration but Kaspersky is still intercepting all my browsing, how can I stop that completely? No, I don't have the extension installed, never had. I only want the software to check for viruses in my files. How do I know is still viewing what I browse? Because in the console I still can see a bunch of scripts from Kaspersky, uBlock Origin also shows it in the resource panel. I'm using Firefox.,
  4. I would like to know what's the syntax, I'm coming from ESET and I have a LOT of processes I want to exclude, and yes, I know what I'm doing I don't need any recommendation about it. What I want to know is what should I change or add so I don't have to manually configure each item in the list marking the necessary boxes when I'm importing. I already have a txt file with the path of the executables in one line each. Because I added one file and then exported the list (to know the syntax) I know "1;" is used at the start so the entry is enabled (or at least that's what I'm guessing), what else should I use? I want to mark these boxes: - Do not scan files before opening - Do not monitor application activity - Do not inherit restriction - Do not monitor the activity of child applications and apply recursively
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