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Full Version: Databases are out of date
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There's definately something fishy going on with the updates. All of a sudden (after an automatic update) KAV alerts:

Databases release date: 2008-02-06 11:28:36
Status: databases are out of date

Even if I perform a manual update the databases remain as above.

I tried to add the alternate update source mentioned in this thread ( but it doesn't make any difference.


QUOTE(Don Pelotas @ 6.02.2008 15:23) *
Winged, your post was moved to it's own thread. It has nothing to do with this topic.

I assumed my issue was related with the Updates are not working-thread but apparently I was mistaken. I don't mind being corrected, it was just the lack of an explanation that felt a bit ...surprising (I can't find a better word - sorry). I didn't expect an answer within any given time but if you were sure enough that my post didn't belong in that thread I get the feeling you know what the problem (the problem I describe in the first post above) is?

Don Pelotas
I' at work and was very busy and there are normally others who would pick up on this often seen..... check your time/date in windows, the "error" you described is very consistant with an off time/date.

can you post a screenshot of the update screen/window !?
Does the signature counter rise !?
Ahem... Problem solved (via another thread).

Earlier today I checked the small calendar that pops up when you dbl-click the system clock to see what day of the week an auction ended. I must have clicked that particular date and somehow changed the system date.

Yes, I feel rather stupid.
I'm sorry if I over-reacted to the move of my post.

Thx for the replies and the input.
...and thanx to all who read the post and still tries to find out what can have caused it.

A textbook example of a misconfigured user, I'd say ap.gif

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