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Full Version: Kaspersky Rescue Disk - 2 problem’s
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cool thing
Today I've created a Kaspersky Rescue Disk to USB and boot from it. Then, the database has been updated and go to the scanner and started scanning but up to 1% and then crashed scanner and after all this I have to restart my system, but with another problem .........
These are some of the details.

INIT; sending proseses the kill signal

*Deactivating swap devices .... ok

*stopping spind .... ok

*stopping pwgen.... ok

*Bringing down Interface Io

*Removing addresses

*stopping hardware Abstraction Layer daemon ok

cat;writ error ; no space Left on Device
cool thing
mad.gif I still get this problem and some error messages, so let's get it on. unsure.gif
Click to view attachmentHe sees something.... off in the distance.... a little bit hazy... it looks like..... kind of like.... Logs! Two of them.


2. GSI log, too.

Support your local Mind Reader. Post your logs in your first post.
cool thing
MMmm tongue.gif I almost forget that the EmsisoftEmergencyKit program has been detected some Kaspersky Rescue Disk files’ located on the disk C
And these files have been removed by the EmsisoftEmergencyKit program.
It is likely that this was the cause the problem .. rolleyes.gif

C:\Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0\bases_rd\kjim.kdl detected: Virus.Win32.Malware!IK
C:\Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0\data_rd\Updater\Temporary Files\temporaryFolder\bases\av\emu\i386\kjim.kdl detected: Virus.Win32.Malware!IK

Any explanation?
Please add more ram. 512 MB in XP is not good enough anymore. This is 2012. It is not 2004 anymore.

Please send Emisofts' false positives to Emisoft.
cool thing
When I followed these instructions here and restart your computer then I get a black screen, which means that the Windows system does not function anymore!. So, there is a Hardwares problem’s. dry.gif

However there are a lot of problems pray.gif with Kaspersky Rescue Disk should check this program and find out what causes this many problems!
Unfortunately this is not the first time that I get the same problem because I use Kaspersky Rescue Disk for some time ......
So this is definitely a bug .... dash1.gif
cool thing
here’s my problem,( as other people have the same problem)

my problem> your computer’s operating system has been shut down incorrectly ?

And there is no clear answer ...

and same thing here
and same thing here
Please contact Tech Support.

Technical support is provided only for users of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, PURE, CRYSTAL, Kaspersky Small Office Security.

I do lots of disinfections, but I use KRD on PCs that already can not boot to Windows. If the PC can boot to Windows, I use normal specialized tools.
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