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Full Version: I have a valid activation code but it gives me Number of activations using this code exceeded
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Hi everyone

I have a valid activation code for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 but it gives me this error
Number of activations using this code exceeded
I'm sure my 100% that my activation code still valid until 15.06.2012 . I checked on my account at
and I found it still valid until 5 months

I send an Email for technical support last night but I got nothing from them
Welcome. Beyond the bare-bones basics, such as check system date/time correct, and insure that the activation code is for that product, and insure the activation code is typed
in correctly, and do a databases update > reboot, and try un and re install > update databases > reboot, and click the "Update subscription status" button (if applicable); we can not solve activation
errors on this forum. If your activation issue is not easily resolvable, please contact Tech Support: or your subscription manager, as applicable.
That usually means one of two things.

a) you reinstalled the product and reactivated it many times on the same computer like i once did, believing that since it was the same machine, it was not violating the user licence. If this is the case, your key is now blacklisted and your local support network might help and offer you a new key with the balance of the licence remaining. This happened in my instance when I explained what I had done (in the belief that there was a licence server tracking the number of machines and their configuration). The reality is, a key can be activated only so many times (possibly in addition to the server keeping tabs of machine history.. but I can only speculate).

b) you bought it from a dubious place (e.g. eBay) selling activation keys multiple times and it's now been blacklisted. Kaspersky support will know this too, since activations will come from IPs from all over the globe, and your chance of recourse is little. "If it's too good to be true, it usually is".

if neither of the above apply to you, then wait and see what support say. they'll be able to see the history of the key no doubt. note in my case above, it took a few days as they needed to investigate, so give them some time.
Thank you guys for your help

I checked on my date and I did all what you said but still I dosen't work

Yes I did what you said in (a) but I formated my computer many times then I install kaspersky and then I use my activation code and it's always work
except this time I don't know why . Could you please tell me with whom you contacted with
Just to point out, my scenario was pretty extraordinary; I was trying to nail down an issue, reinstalling and reactivating my licence many (in the vicinity of 25-30) times, figuring it was all good, as explained above (ironically, I should have just used the 'activate trial' option each time, but I figured Kaspersky might get suspicious as to why the same IP was requesting 30 trials!). But i digress...

I contacted the local support mob, since I had bought a retail version. The distributor had all their details on the activation card. I don't know how this operates in the rest of the world (e.g. compared to someone buying a retail copy in the USA or EU) but if you bought it via retail channel, there should be something to tell you who to contact if things go pear shaped.

Alternatively, just give the support request you already lodged some time. or in parallel, contact your local support if possible.
I submitted a request from that link which richbuff mentioned . And they replayed on my message and they asked for :-

Please submit the following information:

1. Any purchase confirming information (a snapshot/scan of a receipt or invoice, picture of the box, the cd, instruction manuals, name and e-mail to which the license is registered to)
2. The exact date and approximate time of the very first (primary) activation of the program with the 20-symbol code (Important!)
3. A screenshot of a License Manager window displaying the active license.

I gave them a snapshot for the bill and I'll see what they will say . By the way I bought my code from a computer store it came with full package (User guide,Cd ... etc )
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